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Logsign: SOC Combined SIEM

Logsign, headquartered in California, was established in 2010 as an all-in-one Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions provider. It unifies Security Intelligence, Log Management, and Compliance as applied in various industries.
The company’s user-friendly platform has a smartly designed NoSQL and HDFS embedded architecture that ensures efficient storage, clustering, and rapid access to stored and live data. Actively providing services to more than 500 SMBs and governmental agencies, Logsign is working toward raising customers’ security awareness while establishing itself in the field of cybersecurity.
This next-generation, all-in-one SIEM solutions provider is primarily focused on Security Intelligence, Log Management, and easier Compliance Reporting. Logsign unifies the view and monitoring of cloud and local data, increases awareness via smartly designed, security-oriented dashboards, and provides a clear understanding of machine data and enables reliable, actionable insights in real-time.
Logsign’s core features are Log and Event Data Centralization, Event Mapping, Real-Time Correlation, and Historical and Real-Time Analysis. Logsign collects logs and event data comprehensively from sources such as firewalls, routers, IDS/IPS, network devices, Windows, Linux/Unix, databases, VMware ESX, mail servers, and web servers. 
Effective and Focused Leadership
Veysel Ataytur, CEO of Logsign, is an Electronics and Communications Engineer with vast experience in the cybersecurity industry.
His in-depth knowledge of and experience in product management and product marketing to cybersecurity service providers and partners have contributed significantly to the success of Logsign. He is primarily responsible for the business operations, sales, and marketing of the company.
Veysel always tries to maintain the long-term relationship with his clients. This has helped Logsign grow organically while retaining a large share of the clientele it has worked with since its incorporation.
“We believe that cybersecurity is a team effort that should continue seamlessly. We focus on customers’ needs and expectations, focus on that we are always on the same side,” asserts Veysel.
He also reveals that their community of satisfied customers is growing every day as the team continues with its focus on delivering added value to them.
A Real All-in-One Solution
Logsign is a next-gen SIEM combined with a Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) system and healthcare services. With its well-designed architecture, it processes operational security of systems, thereby shortening incident response times, improving team efficiency, and decreasing the number of repetitive tasks and false-positives.
The system also enables automatic responses and detection of indicators via API integrations.
Logsign also ensures control over both IT and OT infrastructures to prevent attacks before they occur via its comprehensive SOC solutions. It helps enterprises and SMBs improve their information security processes and procedures, and to review and create new ones in real-time.
The company strives to continuously improve security procedures, remediation, and monitoring operations by learning and adapting to every incident.
Human-Oriented Solutions
Logsign’s user-friendly platform is backed by a diligent technical support team that provides customers a comprehensive, reliable SIEM solution at an affordable price. Logsign also helps enterprises and SMBs to improve and remedy their information security processes and procedures.
“We believe that solutions should have a well-designed UX and be human-oriented. SOCs are where technology and humans meet. Security professionals in every line should work more efficiently, effectively, and happily,” says Vessel.
Logsign has provided its solutions to more than 500 enterprises. Some of the most prominent names among them are Deloitte, Migros Global Retail Chain, Simit Sarayi Global Food Chain, BMC, Cardtek, Ford Otosan, Benetton, and Penti. Besides these major brands, Logsign products are also employed by many universities and colleges, hotels, and insurance firms.
Industry Outlook
The number of cyber-attacks against individuals, organizations and governmental agencies is increasing by the day.
As was the case in 2017, phishing attacks, ransomware, and exploits show strong trends in 2018. IoT and SCADA Security have gained an increasing popularity. Security professional talent shortage, numerous attacks, repetitive tasks, and alerts, etc. can be though as a part of a puzzle, it’s a big challenge.
To tackle all such threats, Logsign focuses on ‘Orchestration, Early Detection, Automation, and Response’. Using this point of view,
Cybersecurity does not just mean security devices, systems should be monitored, recovered, and improved. Logsign’s next-gen SIEM is being developed to help improve human to human, human to machine, and machine to machine interactions.
“Our sophisticated and ever-evolving view of threat lifecycle management and collaboration is our strength. Aiming team leaders and executives, to improve efficiency and diminish worries that systems are on. Security analysts working at SOCs are also in our target to help them work easily”-states the team in one voice.

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