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Logo Making 101: Everything You Need to Know

When starting a new business, it’s essential to develop a branding strategy to market your products and gain consumer awareness. One of the key parts of any brand is having a logo that symbolizes what your company is, what it does, and what it believes in. While it might sound impossible to get all that information across with a simple image, think of the most successful brands on the planet. We’re talking about brands like Apple, Nike, McDonald’s, etc.

When we mentioned those names, what immediately came to mind? There’s a ninety-nine percent chance you pictured their iconic logos in your head. These brands are a great example of the power of what a great logo can do for a company. If you’re wondering how to create the next great logo for your company, we’re here to help with a list of logo-making essentials.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is a unique graphic that a company uses to represent itself to consumers. More than that, a logo helps differentiate a company from other businesses they compete with on the market. By having a logo that stands out, consumers are more likely to remember you, and come to you for the products and services that you offer within your business niche.

A logo plays a key part in developing a company’s brand, as logos help a business to build a more cohesive brand image. For instance, symbols can be utilized in a number of different ways: plastered on products that a company offers, on a company’s website, and the top of a company’s emails and letterhead, on storefronts that the company owns and operates, as well as in advertisements. When consumers see this logo across all of the different mediums that we mentioned above, it helps to create a cohesive image in their head of what a company’s brand is. The more that a customer likes a company’s branding, the more likely that they are to interact with it, thus generating valuable revenue and interaction for the company. And all that starts with having a great logo to market your brand!

How to Create a Logo That Stands Out

In order to create a great logo for your company, you may want to consider some of the following suggestions:

Utilize a Logo Maker

If you’re someone who doesn’t come from a visual design background, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating your own logo. Sure, you could hire a designer, but they can often be costly, and have a number of projects on their plate that might delay the time it takes to design your company’s logo. To avoid the above, you might want to consider using an online logo maker. Simply input your company’s name into the logo maker and answer a few questions pertaining to font and color palette preferences, and you’ll be presented with a vast collection of potential logo options within minutes. If the AI generated logos don’t seem right, some online logo makers offer templates that you can work with to create the logo of your dreams.

Choose a Font and Color Consistent With Your Brand

Logos are a visual medium, which means that font and color play a huge role in the success of a logo. You want to choose fonts and colors for your logo that correlate with your company’s brand. For instance, if you’re running a company that makes birthday cakes for childrens’ birthdays, you wouldn’t want to make a logo that was black and gray with a bold gothic font. This imagery wouldn’t tonally match the lighthearted, childlike brand of your business, which could lead to consumer confusion. Instead, it would make far more sense to create a logo with bright colors and a playful font. By making sure to choose a font and color scheme for your logo that is in line with your brand, you increase your company’s overall brand consistency.

Don’t Make Things Too Complex

When it comes to logo complexity, the simpler the better. You want to create an image that is unique, but easy enough for consumers to understand what it represents. Additionally, overly complicated visuals can be hard to translate to different mediums. You want your logo to look just as good on a page as it does on your products and marketing materials. By keeping your logo design uncomplicated, you make it easier to keep things consistent across your branding materials.

In Conclusion

Logos are a key part in generating brand recognition for your business. When creating a logo for your company, you’ll want to consider using the help of a logo maker, choosing a font and color that matches your brand, and keeping designs simple. What do you think is the most important thing for business owners to remember when designing a new logo?

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