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Live casino games are growing all over the world

Perhaps due to the fact that in the last few years many people who used to go to casinos in their city have decided to start playing online due to a greater maturity of the sector and a greater reliability in online transactions, casinos with live casino games have grown a lot in the last few years.

This is not something that happens only in some countries, it is something that is happening worldwide. We even find websites in Japanese that mention this fact, such as casinotop3.

In Europe it is something that has been happening for years, where many of the online casinos that advertise on television or the Internet did so showing especially their live casino games, since they were aware that many players are precisely what they are looking for in an online casino.

Live casino games allow us to talk to other casino users through chat, as well as interact with the dealer or game host, who talks to the players he reads through the chat continuously.

Live casino games available at major online casinos

More and more casinos are adding a large number of live games. In some countries due to the country’s own regulations not all live casino games can be included in the casino. This is the case, for example, of such popular games as Crazy Time or Monopoly Live, very popular games worldwide.

They are entertaining games that also allow players to win big prizes, something that most live games do not allow because the winnings are quite limited.

Live Blackjack

It is undoubtedly a great success and several major casino game providers are continuously launching new versions of live blackjack. Being one of the easiest games for the player to win, it is one of the most played games. And playing live blackjack gives you the feeling of being inside a casino in Las Vegas.

Live Roulette

Surely the casino game that currently has more different versions in its live game mode. It is also a type of game that has undergone several innovations. For example, we have casino roulette wheels with special multipliers, allowing us to go from a maximum profit of 35 times our bet to being able to win up to 500 times what we have bet on a number. The difference is enormous and it is something that attracts many players, since there is the possibility of obtaining great prizes by being lucky enough to win a multiplier.

Games inspired by other games

As we mentioned earlier, there are very popular games such as Monopoly Live. This game, of course, is inspired by the board game Monopoly, with game mechanics similar to it. There are many games of this type, with specific themes and that have nothing to do with the traditional casino games we are used to, but the most popular are Monopoly Live and Crazy Time (perhaps because they were the first to appear on the market). We also have other popular titles such as “Deal or No Deal” or “Dream Catcher”.

Undoubtedly in the coming years live casino games will be the ones that will receive more improvements and evolve to capture the attention of many new casino users who are attracted by being able to play in the online casino from the comfort of their home but with an experience similar to the one they could get visiting a casino in Las Vegas.