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Is It Possible to Use HSA Or FSA To Pay for Cannabis or Medical Cards?

When your employer provides FSA (Flexible Spending Account) as the employee benefits package or you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) other than the employer, chances are you might wonder if you can use both for paying for medical marijuana.

It is unfortunate that cannabis and medical cards aren’t eligible for costs covered by HSA and FSA. You can tell them to be pre-tax accounts which get used for several medical expenses and not for marijuana. Therefore, you should know more about the HSAs and FSAs and how to pay for a medical marijuana card. You can check out Utah medical marijuana cards from Green Team Doctors to learn more about this.

Why don’t the HSAs and FSAs enable cannabis reimbursements?

On the one hand, the HSAs and the FSAs can cover vast costs such as prescription drugs, doctor visits, and annual vision exams. You will find that medical treatment using cannabis isn’t available. Also, in the HSA and FSA, medical marijuana isn’t just the only ineligible item. That aside, the cosmetic processes for cosmetic purposes need to be taken to be eligible in the majority of the health savings and flexible spending accounts.

Additionally, the HSAs and the FSAs aren’t the only names that don’t provide medical marijuana reimbursements. The insurance companies also don’t cover this in any way. Cannabis, for any medical reasons, isn’t considered as a medical emergency.

One of the reasons why cannabis doesn’t get considered as a medical necessity is because it isn’t FDA regulated. And even though you got diagnosed with certain health conditions that cannabis can treat, such as anxiety and depression, the health insurance wouldn’t provide any coverage.

That aside, the federal government entities don’t cover cannabis, irrespective of any documented causes for using it. Till such time cannabis stays in a Schedule I controlled substance towards the federal level, there is no chance for any of the rules to change.

What are the aspects that FSAs and HSAs cover?

Even when these two accounts don’t cover medical marijuana, they cover various medical costs such as:

  • Prescription medications
  • Dental and general medical care
  • Lab expenses
  • Nursing care
  • Orthodontic treatments
  • Vision costs, comprising eyewear and exams
  • Braille books and dog guide
  • Acne treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Hearing aids
  • Dependent care and childcare
  • Fertility treatments

How can you pay for a medical marijuana card?

For this, you need to avail of the services from an authorized body that helps you to get your card. Today, there are several institutions that you can check out and choose one that caters to your criteria. Usually, the leading names provide convenient payment choices for medical marijuana cards, comprising debit and credit cards. They also accept prepaid card payments just in case it has sufficient funds to cover the marijuana expense. That means you need to find out the preferred payment mode and stick to that.

A medical marijuana card is essential because it enables you to get suggestions from the best doctors and consume cannabis in the correct dosage.