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InSync Healthcare Solutions: Transforming Exclusive Transcription and Efficient Patient Care

Healthcare institutions continually strive to deliver high-quality patient care and increase profit boundaries while adhering to a burgeoning array of regulatory specifications. When hospitals and healthcare organizations save lives, and treat patients, they also strive to develop favorable processes and strategies for staying financially stable. Maintaining financial stability allows institutions to operate efficiently and use the capital to enhance the health of a community.
The ever-changing relationships between healthcare providers, patients, and third-party payers create opportunities and challenges for practices. As the scope and cost of healthcare services in the United States have grown, so have the complexities of the supporting reimbursement systems, giving rise to entirely new industries in healthcare information technology (HIT) and revenue cycle management (RCM). These innovations also pose challenges to both patients and providers. Through its suite of electronic medical record (EMR), practice management (PM) software and healthcare IT services, InSync Healthcare Solutions seeks to alleviate the stress placed on medical practices because of the rapidly changing industry.
InSync Healthcare Solutions is a leading provider of MU-2 certified integrated EMR and Practice Management Software, as well as Revenue Cycle Management and Medical Transcription services to thousands of healthcare professionals throughout the United States. By leveraging advanced technology, best-in-class partnerships, and proven business processes, InSync provides services and solutions that translate into better efficiency for healthcare organizations.
The Driving Force behind InSync
Roland Therriault, President & Executive Vice President of Sales, manages all operations of the company, driving its go-to-market strategy and overseeing all sales activities. His experience in healthcare and technology includes more than 20 years of direct and channel sales, strategic planning and business development. Before joining InSync, Roland served as Vice President of Sales for MD On-Line, a provider of acute and ambulatory clinical and practice management solutions.
According to Roland, the healthcare technology industry is growing exponentially, with a value approaching $30 billion worldwide. “The interesting part is, however, it still has room for growth, in our opinion. To further our commitment and leadership in healthcare IT, were focusing on automation tools and setup capabilities that will allow for greater tailoring of the patient experience per provider.”After all, the future belongs to those vendors who can most automate encounters, allowing providers more time with patients in the limited amount of exposure they have.
Distinctive Strategies Making Clients Successful
InSync is a firm believer that what is best for the client ultimately turns out to be best for the business. Placing the majority of the focus on clients ultimately makes a company more resilient. InSync caters to services and develops products in such a way that their interests are aligned with the clients, which in the long-term, works out well for both InSync and their customers.
“We’re not competitor obsessed, but we’re customer obsessed. When you work backward, you start with the client and their needs and problems. This is the opposite of what some company’s do, which is, they think up ideas, build a product, and then see if customers like it,” says Roland.
The company has a team of stakeholder representatives, from the owner, to the implementation and support teams, to outside industry experts. Everyone at InSync has been able to combine an incredible amount of experience in healthcare and an extensive history in healthcare technology to create patient-centric solutions focused on value-based care.
We arent trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather improve upon the foundation thats already been laid throughout healthcare IT. We want to help the industry become nimbler and improve the reaction to any changes the marketplace may present whether regulatory, payer induced or growth strategies of the practice, asserts Roland.
InSync Future Prospects
InSync strives to make a long-established industry better by creating patient-centric solutions focused on value-based care. Through constant monitoring of how patients measure up to certain parameters and standards, InSync’s products will proactively identify patients who are due for preventive visits and screenings.
Roland revealed that InSync’s latest release will include new technology and a new theme. The application will be enhanced with a modern look and better usability. The clean and simple interface will be accessible on all mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices. Easier access to features and functionality will result in a stronger, more efficient user experience with fewer clicks.
Roland shares, Ive always felt software was the great equalizer. Many aspects of medical practice have limits, but the only limit to the InSync application is our imagination. I found that the idea of delivering an easy-to-use application for clinicians is challenging and exciting.
 InSync’s Clients Testimonial
InSync’s integration has been successful for numerous clients across the spectrum of the healthcare industry, including:
“It shows in our growth that InSync has helped make our office more efficient. When we started with InSync two years ago, we had about 150 patients. And now we have more than 650 patients,”- says Jen Robins, Program Manager, Recovery Works Northwest.
“InSync’s service is wonderful, they work with us and help us to cross any barriers, and continually strive to make their product better and better, bottom line,”- says Kimberly Hamilton, CFO, Wisdom Traditions Health, and Wellness Center.
“InSync is the third EMR I have used in my practice, and it is definitely the last. It has been by far the easiest to integrate,” says – Dr. John L.Zboinski, Rhinebeck Foot Care.

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