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Infront Consulting Group: Helping Enterprises Implement and Automate Microsoft Solutions

In an interview with Insights Success, Rory McCaw, CEO of Infront Consulting Group Inc. shares his insight regarding the enterprise IT journey and Infront’s specialized solutions and services. He discusses the company’s core competencies in the company’s global market.
Give a brief overview of the company, its solutions, and its services.
Infront specializes in data center modernization, automated Windows 10 and O365 deployments as well as cloud solution design, automation, and deployment. Infront has helped enterprise clients move away from legacy applications and infrastructure and adopt a cloud-first strategy. Infront provides managed services for Azure and AWS workloads, and can help enterprises adopt a hybrid model.
Infront’s teams of consultants who deliver Enterprise Advisory Services excel in a variety of technologies including:
System Center:  Operations Manager (SCOM); Service Manager (SCSM); Configuration Manager (SCCM); Orchestrator; (SCOrch); Virtual Machine Manage (VMM); Hyper-V; Application Performance Management (APM); Data Protection Manager (DPM).
Windows 10 Skillset: Microsoft Security Stack All-Up; Deployment and Servicing (WaaS); Bitlocker and MBAM; Device Guard & Credential Guard; WIP and Hello; SCCM for Clients; MDT and WICD; Surface Products; Win10 and Enterprise Mobility.
Cloud: Office 365 (O365); Azure Active Directory (AAD); Enterprise Management Suite (EMS); Operations Management Suite (OMS); Platform as a Service (PaaS); Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Azure Site Recovery (ASR).
Infrastructure:  Windows Server 2003/2008/ 2008R2 through to Windows Server 2016; Public Key Infrastructure (PKI); Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).
Other Technologies: Management Pack Development; Powershell; App-V; Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP); Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI); Operating System Deployment (OSD); Linux; VMware Vsphere; AWS; Blockchain.
Describe the ways in which your cloud solutions are focused on being customer centric.
Client feedback speaks for itself, with a 95.3% customer satisfaction rating that speaks to the project team delivering the results and quality promised. Our priority is to automate wherever possible, which is a key to scalability, manageability and cost efficiency in the cloud. Now that cloud technologies are maturing, Infront’s clients’ concerns are focused on governance, security, compliance, and efficiency—both human and financial.
Clients investing in Azure IaaS are looking for competitive pricing and cost savings from cloud. Infront’s IaaS Automation provides customers the ability to automate the switch to HUB licensing, reserved instances, or the changing of VM types.
Azure Self Service Portal is a self-service interface for virtual machine access and provisioning with built-in approvals, providing ease of use and governance.
Describe the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the company.
At Infront our core values are Agility, Passion, Ownership, Commitment, and Customer Focus. We love helping our customers increase efficiency and derive greater value from their IT investments through our expertise in automation and productivity.
Founded by Rory McCaw in 2001 in Toronto, Infront was originally a Microsoft training company. By 2007, based on demand and reputation, the organization expanded into the United States. Over time, Infront has developed a series of Management Packs to help clients proactively monitor RightFax, Orchestrator, McAfee, and Isilon.
What are your company’s strategies to evolve with the volatile trends of the industry?
Infront’s strategy is to stay current with the needs of our customers to be able to help them continue to solve business problems with technology. Infront believes that there is a great deal of opportunity in the automation of IT operational tasks, particularly with cloud-focused organizations. Moving workload to the cloud is the first step but there is much more automation required to achieve the benefits of cloud.
Where does Infront Consulting Group see itself in the long run and/or what are its future goals?
Infront is proud to be a highly recognized Microsoft partner and will continue to be while continuing to focus on helping enterprise customers successfully implement and adopt Microsoft cloud technology. Infront will continue to hire experts that are passionate about technology and who are customer focused. As technology changes, so too will the skillsets of the team but the passion for success and solving complex problems will remain.
Considering the escalating number of Cloud Solution providers, how does Infront Consulting Group stand out from its competitors?
Out of more than 496,000 firms globally, Infront has been a winner or finalist for Microsoft Partner of the Year, six out of the last seven years in a row.
Infront can do more in less time with fewer resources than any of our competitors, for example

  • We employ five full time Microsoft MVPs and one Regional Director.
  • Infront has an average 95% project success and customer satisfaction.
  • Our clients repeatedly tell us we hire smart consultants who are agile, passionate, customer focused, and committed to solving customer problems as they would their own.
  • The Infront consultants take ownership of the situation to get issues resolved.

Give us a few testimonials of your clients that accurately highlight Infront Consulting Group’s position in the market.
Before Infront’s Isilon MP, we stood around pointing fingers and wondering where to start; now, we see a potential performance challenge before it is critical and address it.”
“We were able to ensure PCI compliance monthly across 4,400+ restaurants while managing the solution centrally and maintaining control of the patching process.”
About the CEO
Rory McCaw brings both a business and technical background to the company. Rory was a Microsoft Most Valued Professional (MVP) for more than 10 years and was fortunate to meet many other smart, passionate IT professionals, some of whom worked for Infront over the years. The success of the Infront is defined by strong business leadership and a team of incredible, passionate IT professionals that exceed our customer’s expectations.