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Infosys Encourages Single Employment Policy to Improve Workflow Quality

In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, Infosys and many companies across the world had to adopt the “working from home” approach to ensure their employees’ safety and comfort, which is still continuing. However, a recent trend, recognized as Moonlighting, amongst remotely working employees is deeply concerning organizations worldwide.

The moonlighting concept, as simply put by many companies, is “two-timing” or “double lives of the employee.” Employees are reported to be working two jobs in a day, with declining focus and quality workflow.

It has started impacting an organization’s productivity. To put a stop to this practice, one of the major tech players—Infosys, has sent its employees a memo that states that taking up dual employment is in violation of the employee code of conduct. The company, in the memo, stated that violation of its policies could lead to disciplinary action and also the termination of employment.

Weeks before this development, another tech giant, Wipro’s Chairman Rishad Premji, also expressed his concerns against the moonlighting, saying that the practice is “plain and simple cheating.”

The memo shared by Infosys could make its employees, as well as other professionals, rethink dual employment and focus on their existing job to provide positive results and experience holistic growth.

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