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Huawei to Restore its Position in the Smartphone Market

A Huawei leader said the Chinese innovation giant will get back to the “throne” of the cell phone industry even as the organization keeps on experiencing the aftermath of U.S. sanctions.

Under the organization of previous U.S. President Donald Trump, Company has named a public safety danger, put on a fair boycott, and cut off from key innovations, in particular progressed semiconductors required for its cell phones.
Income from Huawei’s purchaser division plunged 47% year-on-year in the primary portion of 2021. The organization was once No. 1 in the cell phone market yet has since exited the top five.
“The biggest difficulty for us at present is on mobile phones. We know that [to produce] phones with small size and low power consumption requires advanced technology. Huawei can do the design, but no one is able to help us to produce. We are stuck,” Huawei Chairman Guo Ping said in a Q&A with staff, according to a transcript seen by CNBC.

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