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How Your Online Business Can Gain Consumers’ Trust in 2022

If you are looking to scale up your business in 2022, there is one thing resource that your business requires above all else to succeed – the trust of your consumers. Surveys have shown that as many as 81% of all customers buy based on trust, while 67% of customers say they will choose to shop elsewhere if they feel a brand has broken that trust.

Building faith in your brand is all the more important if you operate an online-only business, where it is often more difficult to establish that all-important connection with your target customer. So, how can your online business gain consumers’ trust in 2022? Read on to find out.

Humanize your brand

You must be able to give a human touch to your digital business and show that you are more than just a faceless corporation that is focused on profits. This is why so many online brands have extensive mission statements and “about us” sections that tell the consumer exactly what they are about. Humanization should also extend to your marketing and outreach.

For example, Transferwise, one of the most trusted Fintech companies in the world, has run incredibly successful marketing campaigns focusing on educating customers on how to detect and avoid hidden fees when transferring money overseas. If you can show how your USP aligns with your values, you can build trust.

Learn what constitutes trust in your industry

It is important to get to know your industry and understand what it is that constitutes “trust”. This means learning what your target customers value and what constitutes poor practice so that you can avoid this at all costs. One very effective way to do this is to look at third-party review sites for companies in your industry. These sites are vital resources for customers who are deciding whether or not to trust a particular company.

One illustrative example can be found within the online casino gaming industry, in which hundreds of digital game platforms are vying for the custom of millions of gamblers around the world. Many customers often consult third-party review platforms when looking for online slots sites, as these tell you which sites offer fair games, good bonus offers, fast payouts, and secure online payments. A trust-focused online casino brand would make sure that its own product matches these expectations. You should expect your company to end up on a review site at some point, so make sure it’s for good reasons.

Be reachable

This one might sound simple, but it is all too often neglected. If you do not have a bricks-and-mortar location, it is essential to demonstrate that customers can reach you if they have a question or query. This means having extensive contact information and offering multiple ways for consumers to reach you. It means having customer service in multiple languages and having a high response rate on social media.

For example, the SAAS company HubSpot has won praise for its ability to offer constant expert-level customer service via its online forums, staffed by hundreds of people who are on-hand to answer any and all queries about their product. If you have the resources, this is the level of accessibility you should aspire to.

Trust is a valuable resource, one that should not be squandered. Follow these steps to gain the lasting trust of your customers and to attract new customers in the year ahead.

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