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How Vlogging Has Turned into a Marketing Powerhouse

In the past decade, video content consumption has been on the rise, thanks to social media. Initially, vlogging was a preserve for social media influencers in reaching their audiences and growing their brands, which have transformed them into effective marketing mediums.
As a result of vlogging’s popularity, it has found its way to the top as a marketing tool in many online marketing campaigns and with outstanding results.
Here are a few reasons for its effectiveness and why you may want to include it in your campaigns.
Videos can potentially increase conversion rates.
Videos appeal to more people than text. If you have high-quality and engaging vlogs on your site, your visitors will likely stay twice as long compared to when you use text-only content. Your visitors will also be more inclined to return based on the level of engagement or the value they derive from your videos.
Pairing vlogging marketing strategy with an influencer has proven to be highly effective. By using influencers, companies magnify the effect of their video marketing strategies, increasing the likelihood of their content being shared, which results in reaching a wider audience.
There is increased access to editing and transcription tools.
Shooting a video is just one part of the job. Editing and transcribing it is another thing and perhaps the most complex part. Many marketers shy away from using video marketing for fear of the cost involved in post-processing. But thanks to technology, post-processing has never been easier.
While many people may turn to Descript to edit and transcribe a single file, it is not the ideal solution for people with dozens of video footages to edit and transcribe. You may want to look at these Descript alternatives for video editing and transcription designed to meet a wide range of clients’ needs.
It helps add a personal touch to marketing.
Unlike other forms of marketing that involve text or computer-generated graphics, vlogging as a marketing strategy helps add a personal touch to your marketing campaign. Your audience gets to see a face and hear a voice which helps in making your business or product more relatable.
Vlogs also make the audience feel like there is direct communication between them and your business, which effectively builds a connection with your brand. Choosing the face for your vlogs is very crucial. Marketers often go for appealing people or people with influence, such as celebrities, in their vlogs to help boost their effectiveness.
Improves audience reach
As stated earlier, video ads attract more attention than other forms of ads. But that is not all. Having video ads or content on your site helps boost your rankings on google. A high ranking in organic searches in google means that you are more likely to be viewed by your target audience, translating into a wider audience.
Having video content on your site does not mean that it is all you have. You can also include the transcribed text of your vlogs alongside your video to ensure that you also reach your audience who are more inclined towards text-based content. That way, you get to meet the needs of all your clients at once.
It’s easy to do
Gone are the days where you needed heavy and expensive equipment to create a video. Technological advancements have made it possible for anyone to create a quality video using their smartphones or a handy camera.
You do not have to go overboard with your budget. All you need is to know what you want, get yourself a phone or a vlogging camera, prepare your script, and you are good to go. Anybody with any budget can include vlogging in their marketing campaigns.