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How to upsell your boiler and heating startup business

Building a profitable business requires more than just providing the best services or products. You might benefit from digital marketing solutions if you are in the boiler and heating business. Two ways to boost revenue and profits are to generate more leads for your boiler company or sell more services to existing customers.

In economic terms, this is cross-selling and upselling. Cross-selling is when you sell additional services or products to customers related to their original purchase. While upselling is when you convince an interested customer to upgrade or upsize their purchase order. In the context of the boiler and heating business, it will require selling customers a higher-end version of the service. Creating a strategic sale process is the secret to generate more leads for your boiler company through upselling.

What to know about upselling? 

Upselling becomes more accessible by using digital marketing strategies to create a reliable sales process. As a startup, you must create a sales pipeline with potential customers lined up to keep your boiler business afloat before you start generating significant profits.

Properly planning the upselling strategy will help you in several ways. It will make finding and connecting with potential customers willing to hire your services easier. Upselling also brings down the cost of acquiring more sales. Companies often have higher customer acquisition costs, but you can generate more revenue from the same customers by upselling. In turn, this increases your profit margin.

You must stay relevant in a highly competitive market to generate more leads for your boiler company. This will require understanding how to create a winning upselling strategy for your heating startup business.

Tips for upselling your boiler and heating services 

Select the right channel for your boiler startup company 

Internet and smartphones have brought customers within your reach, and you must incentivize this availability. Your primary aim must be to spread the word about your boiler and heating startup business to reach many homeowners. Fortunately, with digital marketing, you can easily target as many homeowners within your vicinity as you want. Digital marketing campaigns will include social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, email marketing, SEO marketing, direct mail, and paid advertising.

Create interesting resources that potential customers might be interested in to get their emails. For instance, create an eBook on 50 energy-efficient boiler and heating units or an infographic on troubleshooting common boiler issues. People downloading such resources are the ones who will more likely need your boiler and heating services.

Consider if your company provides services in multiple locations, and you want to get ranked for that locations. It is mainly suggested that you opt for Local SEO Services, which will guide you to get organized for local keywords. E.g., If you want to rank your boiler repairs and service in Billericay for the keyword “boiler service Billericay” then Local SEO will help your business generate more leads from that location.

Follow up but with a plan 

Once you have the leads, your sales team will have to follow up. Seldom will interested homeowners convert to paying customers immediately. Firstly, the response to the leads must be impromptu. People looking for boiler and heating services often have urgent requirements. They might go to your competitor if you miss reaching them immediately.

However, if the homeowner seems to be hesitant to hire you immediately, schedule a follow-up. Your sales team must know when to follow up with customers or leads. Here are a few suggestions:

Follow up 2-3 days after the first call to see if they have time to consider the offer.

If you did boiler and heating repair or installation, follow up after a week to take feedback and answer any questions they might have.

Follow up 2-3 days before the customers are due for routine maintenance.

Just keep in mind not to be aggressive with your approach. You don’t want to annoy the leads; give them time to consider your upselling proposal. Follow-up calls for feedback are when you can tell them about an upgrade that will add more value to their purchase.

Demonstrate value

Your staff must have a solid sales pitch prepared to highlight the unique selling point of your startup over other boiler and heating companies. From the above step, you will get leads for your boiler company, but it is useless if you can’t convert them into paying customers.

There are several sales tactics you can use to engage customers. The most common tactic is to offer free home evaluations to hesitant customers. Make arrangements for a home visit to prospective customers where a team inspects their existing boiler or heating system. Then your team can discuss how they can address their needs with the homeowner. This is how you demonstrate value by personalizing the experience for every homeowner, depending on their budget.

Know how to close the deal 

Now that your team has convinced the homeowner of your service, they can strategically introduce them to an upsell offer. You can quickly motivate customers with a limited-time offer. Ensure your team is not forcing customers to take a pre-planned package they might not be interested in. An upselling approach must be tailored to their specific needs.

You can use social proof to encourage potential customers of your abilities and expertise. Start putting up testimonials and feedback from the homeowners who hired your services. It is the best way to communicate how you provide long-term value through your boiler and heating services. Social proofs like testimonials facilitate customer engagement.

Be transparent with the cost 

While we detailed how you must demonstrate value to generate more leads for your boiler company, it must be at the expense of transparency in the contract. Let the customers know about any extra costs that might occur. For instance, if the boiler installation requires supplementary materials or time, then be upfront about the additional cost with the homeowner. This shows that you are a trustworthy company and that customers appreciate transparency.

However, if the cost is becoming too high, you can try offering some freebies for customers. You can simply provide free maintenance for a few months or a discount on an upgrade.


Generating more leads for your boiler company gets more manageable if you know how to upsell. We hope this guide will provide a great starting point to strategize an upselling approach for your boiler and heating startup.

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