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How To Make Money on YouTube

YouTube has become the leading media agency in the last 15 years. It has become a modern cloud-based media platform containing various types of audiovisual content. The site has become a great way to generate daily revenue.

How Much You Can Earn on YouTube

How much do they earn on YouTube in different niches per 1,000 views, and is it possible to earn without shooting a video? We tried to figure it out and give you instructions on earning on YouTube. In this article, you’ll find six different ways to make money on your YouTube channel with up to $40,000 in monthly income.

If you are just starting to promote your channel and the topic is not one of the top ones, advertising will cost much less. But you will gain views and an audience. And you can raise the prices later.

Advertising is not the only way to make money on YouTube. For example, the official YouTube affiliate pays from $ 1 to $ 10 for 1000 views, depending on the topic, channel coverage, and the theme of the ad. Furthermore, about this way of earning.

How To Make Money from Donations on YouTube

Channel owners can make money on YouTube if they launch online broadcasts. Most often, they are held in two cases: simply chatting with subscribers or shooting the gameplay in real-time. During the streaming, can and should earn donations.

Viewers who are present at the broadcast can support the streamer’s one-time payment to its account. And many are happy to do it, especially if the chat has a good atmosphere and the streamer kindly answers questions.

There are two possible forms of such support on YouTube:

  • Donates – a person simply transfers money to your account or to an account in service for accepting donations.
  • Paid messages (super chat) – he/she sends it via YouTube, and a message is highlighted in the chat room.

How To Get Started

First, you need to connect the streaming feature on YouTube. It is available for bloggers who have at least 10,000 subscribers. Those who shoot on online games made an exception; the limit is lowered to 1,000 subscribers.

To connect the paid posts, you do not have to do anything. Donates can also be accepted as you wish, even to place the number of your bank card in the description of the stream. But it’s better to do it via special services like DonationAlerts, you can customize their pop-up notifications on the streaming screen, and then all the viewers will see that someone sent you money.

To get more donations, you can boost viewers on your stream. How? Buy YouTube live stream viewers.

How To Start Making Money on YouTube: All Ways

We have gathered for you the best ways to earn on YouTube, which are suitable for a beginner and for the owner of the promoted channel. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to start earning and the features of each type of monetization.

How To Start Making Money from An Affiliate Program on YouTube

Affiliate program monetization is the most popular solution for making money on YouTube. The video hosting automatically embeds ads in your videos and pays you a portion of the income received from advertisers.

In fact, it is earnings from views on YouTube. It is available for all channel owners, but there are limitations: the video hosting only allows those who have gained at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video views over a year to join the affiliate program. If you lack something, you can buy YouTube views or subscribers.

You can connect to YouTube’s affiliate program via Google AdSense. You register there, and the system automatically links your AdSense account to your YouTube channel. You don’t have to set up anything else.

The only thing you have to do to make money is to confirm your real address. The representation AdSense will send you a letter when you enter the code from it in a private office, and only then will you be able to withdraw money. Withdrawal is only available in three ways:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Check

The payment terms are simple: AdSense pays from $100 monthly. If you do not accumulate that amount every month, the payment will simply be when it is accumulated.

How Much Money Can Be Made?

As we said before, the number of earnings will depend on the number of viewers. In this case, it depends on the number of views because after monetization is connected, everyone who turns on your video for even a second will see ads. Of course, except for YouTube Premium users and those who use ad blockers.

YouTube has taken care of monetization in every possible way and counts views from YouTube Premium users in a separate line. However, the mechanisms of charging are not disclosed.

The amount of earnings depends on several things:

  • Characteristics of your audience.
  • The niche of the channel
  • The topic of the ad

No one discloses specific amounts. For beginners, the income per 1,000 views may range from $0.4 or more. Top YouTubers with a good audience can earn up to $ 2 for every thousand views and more.

How To Start Making Money

It is easy enough to start choosing a topic that you like and that you plan to do for a long time and start shooting. Of course, you will have to test different formats, work on the quality of the content and analyze the activity of the audience. But in general, you need to reach a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views, and then join an affiliate program and not stop to earn more.

How To Start Making Money Placing Ads

You simply recommend a particular product to viewers for money and leave a link to it in the description. Or you might accidentally use it in a shot, depending on what the advertiser demands. These are some of the formats of ad integrations:

  • Native integration – ads fit seamlessly into the theme of the video. This format is considered one of the most converting, it is interesting to watch, and the audience has a live response.
  • Simple video inserts in the video – short video ads that are in no way connected with the subject of the main video.
  • Block pop-up – added to the video at the editing stage. Shown as a clickable card in the video.
  • Advertising mention – a short recommendation of a product from a blogger. You can make money on this if you already have a loyal audience that trusts you.
  • Link in the channel
  • Video description or attached comment – “alone” is rare, usually accompanied by native advertising or mentioning.

All popular bloggers engage in advertising, and some have it in every video, others via a clip. It all depends on the demand and the quality of your audience.

How To Get Started

The easiest way to get started is to leave contacts for advertisers in the channel description. But companies rarely surf YouTube looking for the next place to post. More often, they go to marketplaces.

To be noticed more often, sign up for a variety of blogger exchanges like Epicstars, Vlogster, and others. Specify their information about the channel, the topic on which you shoot, the number of subscribers, description, and so on. Indicators such as the number of views and likes will be added to your profile automatically if you allow exchanger access.

How To Start Earning from Sponsorship on YouTube

This is a way of monetization when users of the video hosting site can voluntarily support authors with money.

YouTube has a sponsorship feature. Those who subscribe to your channel can sponsor you and pay for one level of support. You decide how much each level will cost and what privileges it will give your subscribers. As bonuses, you can offer early access to content, personalized videos, individual broadcasts, and recordings. Amounts may vary from country to country.


To make a lot of money on YouTube, it is best to combine several methods of monetization. For example, connect to an affiliate program and at the same time do streaming. And when you gain a large enough audience to sell advertising integrations. Good luck!