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How to Choose an SEO Service for Dispensary

Choosing an SEO company that will deal with the optimization of your dispensary site to be highly ranked in the SERP is a responsible undertaking. How the site will operate and how many potential clients it will attract depends on the professionalism of a chosen company. For those who are looking for an SEO agency for a dispensary site, we have prepared this post with tips.

Why Is It Crucial to Find a Decent SEO Agency for a Dispensary?

Search engine optimization is a long-term and complex process. For it to be effective, it should never stop since algorithms are constantly changing. For the site to reach high positions and always remain at the top of the SERP, it needs constant optimization work. More so, it is crucial to keep the dispensary site duly optimized as per the ever-changing trends of search engines and regularly updated cannabis legislation in force.

And if you are working in the cannabis industry, it is even more complicated to reach high-ranking positions. And to maintain them, high-quality SEO services from a reputable SEO agency for dispensaries like Mj Seo are required. The choice of an agency cannot be neglected.

Where to Find the Best SEO Specialists

One of the ways that dispensary site owners often use is asking for recommendations from industry colleagues. The pieces of advice of people who use the services of a certain SEO agency are considered proof of their high level. This method is effective, especially if the recommendation is given by a person who understands the specifics of a dispensary website promotion.

However, you should always verify the information: check the positions of a friend’s site in Google. If it’s on the first page, it is safe to follow this recommendation.

Search on Your Own

Analyze information about an SEO agency under consideration on social networks. The majority of companies and agencies have communities. Join them to get to know about a company under consideration as much as possible: news and events, corporate culture, and testimonials from clients.

Check out customer information. Each company publishes a list of well-known clients on its website. This list will tell you how authoritative it is. On the Internet, it is easy to find the contact details and find out the opinion of their representatives. Employees of a reputable SEO studio will not refuse to provide contacts of clients who have written testimonials for them.

SEO Agency Selection Process

When looking for an SEO contractor, the first step is to decide which criteria are most important. Most customers prioritize the criteria in this way:

  • Experience
  • Price
  • Guarantees

Some try to save money and put the cost of services first. But this decision is not always correct. A low price should be alarming since high-quality services from experienced specialists cannot be cheap.

Besides looking for an agency that will promote a dispensary, it is crucial to remember how tricky it is to work in the cannabis niche. An experience of an SEO specialist is a crucial criterion. The wrong actions of a specialist might lead to sanctions from Google, which is a worst-case scenario for your business.

Choosing an Agency after the First Contact

It doesn’t matter how the first communication takes place, in person, by phone, or online. In any case, a good agency will not accept the order immediately after a few minutes of conversation.

First, it is necessary to carry out a detailed analysis of your dispensary site. An agency needs to study the semantic core, identify the shortcomings that hinder promotion, and choose new optimization methods to improve your cannabis site visibility following the latest trends.

The semantic core is a list of words, word forms, phrases that users most often type in search engines. These words accurately characterize the activities of the company, goods, services that are presented on the site. The main keyword is the most popular high-frequency query. The more accurately selected keywords in the semantic core, the better the position of the site in the search results.

After verification, a plan of work that the company plans to do should be provided. If any points in it seem too general, ask for specifics.

A good plan contains the following points:

  • Errors and how it goes to correct them.
  • Pages to be optimized, indicating the type of content (articles, headings, images, etc.).
  • The semantic core expansion plan.
  • The strategy to increase traffic.

What Guarantees Does a Good SEO Agency Provide?

Oddly enough, you need to be wary in a situation where the performer offers a 100% hit in the TOP for certain requests. Such guarantees cannot be given even by the specialists of the search engines themselves. Therefore, if you get a promise to get into the top three within a few days or even weeks, you should refuse to cooperate. Experienced specialists, in some cases, can guarantee results within 3-6 months. The answer largely depends on the scope of the site being promoted, the region, and the competitiveness in the state where your dispensary is located.

Company Performance Reporting

When accepting an order, conscientious optimizers offer the customer to receive reports on the work done. This point should be made clear right away. The report should contain the following information:

  • The name of the work performed.
  • Data on positions and traffic.
  • Traffic growth chart.

This data shows the rate of website promotion. It is a small report, which simply lists the positions and indicators for them, or only the work performed. However, the fuller and more detailed it is, the better.