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How to be part of the most viewed on TikTok?

TikTok has taken over the world, through the last few years. Now, it is in direct competition with Instagram. However, it is moving forward faster than the latter, gaining new subscribers at a higher rate. If you want your company to be part of the most viewed on TikTok, here are a few things you should know.

TikTok reaches a Younger Audience

This is the first thing you need to keep in mind, if you decide to start marketing your products and services on this social media. Naturally, gaining new customers, while they are still at a young age, is great for the future of the brand. However, it needs to be able to address itself, in a language that they will understand and (mostly) appreciate. This is the only way that your company’s videos will become part of the most viewed TikTok. This is what can be called “mainstream,” today. In other words, old school is not the best solution, unless it is meant to be so, and expressed in a very clear fashion.

Lose the Serious Face

Companies that have had success on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, will not necessarily get the same results on TikTok. That is because the mood on TikTok is very different than all the other social media that came before it. It takes itself a lot less seriously. And so, companies that want to create some buzz on it, will have to let go of their corporate rigidity, a little more. If that is hard to imagine, then try looking at the situation in a different way. You need to be creative on TikTok. And to be so, you need to let your imagination run free, without limits (just remain decent and civil). The videos need to look raw, as over-editing will simply kill it, and people will switch to the next, without ever going back on your account.


If you work inside a traditional brand or a very large company, you understand already from the lines that you have just read, that becoming a hit on TikTok will not be an easy task for you. Experimenting is not necessarily an adjective that major company managers like to hear from their employees. However, if you are that person, you will need to convince your boss to leave you free range on your conquest of TikTok.
See it as your first challenge, regarding this social media, and be certain that it won’t be the last. The advantage that you will have is that TikTok users move from one video to another quite rapidly. If you miss out on one sample, then you can try again. Chances are that they won’t remember that you went the wrong way on your first try. Users of this social media remember what they liked – not what they did not.

Look for Trends

The best way to reach a high number of views on TikTok is to join a trend. It can be different subjects, such as equality of gender or sustainability. Best to look at other TikTok videos regularly, to understand what the subject of the moment is.