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How product should collaborate with sales in PLG companies

When you’re looking to increase the success of your business, it’s important to find new ways to increase your sales. This often requires that the product team collaborates with the sales team to ensure you can build a good that is capable of selling itself. Here are a few important ways product teams should collaborate with sales teams in PLG companies.

PLG + Sales – Powerful, One-Two Punch

Product and sales teams should collaborate in a PLG company because the product team is focused on improving the product, and the sales team is working on increasing its sales. The sales team has an understanding of why prospective customers may not purchase the product. The product team understands why the good has value. It’s important for the two teams to work together to ensure they can be resources for each other.

You may be wondering, “How do you collaborate with sales and product teams?” The sales team knows why the product may not be selling as quickly, which they can communicate to the product team with the feedback they receive. The feedback can transform into direct product initiatives. This also allows the sales team to be heard and can allow them to feel valued.

Do You Think You are PLG & Still Need Sales motion?

You may have a product-led growth company if the product is your main source of revenue and how you can achieve growth. The success of the product determines the conversion, growth, and customer acquisition of the organization.

Relationships Between Products and Sales Must Be Collaborative

The product and sales teams should understand the importance of working together, making it necessary for the sales team to understand the customer and provide feedback to the product team.

They should articulate the issues they’re encountering and communicate the information to ensure the product can be altered or improved. Once the product team makes the necessary changes, the sales team can inform the company’s customers of the updates to increase sales and show that the customers’ concerns have been addressed.

Both teams also need to celebrate their wins together when they meet their goals. They need to understand the why and what behind their goals in order to achieve them. Whether the sales team gets new deals or the product team brings different ideas to life, the wins can create a sense of unity and community within the company.

Make it Easy for Users to Hand Raise When They Want to Talk to Sales

When you have a PLG company, you don’t need a sales team there to evaluate the users as they spend time using the product. It’s important to build in different mechanisms that allow customers to decide when they’re ready to talk sales and also understand the value of talking sales as they continue to use the product throughout the process.

Help Users Discover Ways to Engage with Your Company

The sales team can find new ways to engage with the customers and request their feedback as they use the product. Many customers aren’t aware that their input can benefit the product and allow it to improve. Don’t always assume that the product is easy to use and is capable of selling itself. With multiple channels in place, users can be upsold many of the gated features that are present, which can make it easier to determine their buying intent.

Allow Users to Expand Naturally in a Way That Aligns to Pricing

It’s important to start building in different ways that allow the product to become more valuable over time. The sales team will be effective in increasing the sale of a deal and can host in-product expansion events that attract more people and increase the brand’s exposure.

Build in the Right Data Tech Stack to Empower the Sales Team

The sales team needs to utilize different tools to run down the right tech stack, which includes using different dashboards, software for product event tracking, and reverse ETL tools. Other types of software can evaluate the customers and inform the sales team of when the customers are ready to make a purchase. The teams can then collaborate with management to achieve all sales goals once they collect the right data and reporting.

Once you have an understanding of how product teams can collaborate with the sales team, it can lead to the immediate growth of your company. You can have more of a presence in the industry and increase your sales overnight due to the impact the collaboration has on both their teams and their efforts.