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How Education is still necessary during this Era of Skill Demand

Education is one of the priceless possessions one can have. It is a basic necessity as it enables us to learn a handful of skills and gears us with tools to break global communication barriers. Education today is a higher priority than it was ever before and has arrived at new paramount with the rising understanding of what it involves. While in the current era, holding an advanced education is viewed as a key to a reputable profession and therefore be socially acknowledged, it isn’t the main essence of education.
Education is just more than earning a degree; it is about gaining knowledge, getting the ability to reason, and training oneself for a better life. Education is surrounding us in all that we do, so it is essential to use it admirably! A skilled based educated person knows how to live and develop healthier life. It is believed that if someone has an education, he can never misspend his life because education always gives us some ways in which people can easily earn their livelihood.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

  • Nelson Mandela.
  1. Breaks Barriers

In today’s world of advanced globalization, education plays a pivotal role in helping people connect, share, and mobilize across geographic, social, political, racial, and other cultural divides. The global market of skills has expanded with the advancement of technology; no limitations can inhibit a skilled person from selling his skills if he is educated and well-informed. Therefore, education is key to engage in the trade of skills in the global market.

  1. Help to learn skills

It takes us to learn before practicing something. Education and skill-based activities have a mutual relationship in which education is a key to learn skills. If a person is eager to learn a skill but is uneducated, he will be unable to learn the skill utterly. It is because education advances the literacy of an individual, making him capable of understanding and comprehending recorded information. So it is important to be educated to learn a skill.

  1. Help to polish skills

While many believe that the need for education is depreciating with the demand, education is still necessary for this era of demand skills is elevating, the education is crucial for learning, upgrading, and polishing the skills. Let’s take a very simple example. Often students need to get help in writing custom essays, and they refer to professionals and their written work to expand their essay writing skills. When we talk about learning new skills, the resources can offer a student help. Without education, they would not have been able to further their skills. Education teaches us how to improve our skill-set with time, with the changing requirements and up-gradation in the technology. Therefore, it is essential to prune our skills and improve our productivity.

  1. Enables to use skills appropriately

Education is a basic necessity of life because it is a medium that teaches us how to use our skills appropriately to garner a valuable output from it. In other words, education is an all-time basic necessity for our growth that paves the path for the usage of our skills.

  1. Develop Life Skills

There is a difference between the lifestyle of an educated person and an uneducated person. Education is not only meant to develop the skills for earning, and it does more than that: it teaches life skills. It equips an individual mentally to cope up with the hardships and challenges of life effectively. An educated person knows how to live a sustainable and healthier life.
“Life is like a tango; fortunate are the few who can master it.”

  • J. Garces
  1. Allows For Innovation And Creativity

As mentioned earlier, education enables an individual to question, reason, and intrigue to explore. All of these impulses lead individuals to discovery and innovation.
Education allows us to develop creativity in our work and enhance innovation in our skill-set. It is believed that innovation comes out with the combination of education and the right skill-set.

  1. Personal Growth

Unarguably, everything that we do is for the sake of personal growth. Personal growth is described as the actions and practices that we do to enhance our potential and capabilities. Education is widely considered as a ladder to personal development or growth.

  1. Get To Know Of Yourself

Everybody has some sort of God-gifted skills, but it takes time for realization. It is education that helps us reflect and get aware of our skills more easily. It is a famous saying that if anyone gets to know about their God-gifted skill sets, they can achieve a certain level of goals.
“We call you uneducated when you have 50-5000 friends on Facebook, and you are still broke.”

  • Mac Duke, The Strategist
  1. Value-Based Education

“Value-based education is not only important to develop an individual’s personality but also help him/her all life in many different ways: Apart from ethics, etiquettes, and confidence, Value-based education help students to understand the meaning and cause of life.” Value-based education helps the students to become more and more responsible and sensible.
“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

  • Malcolm X.

It is essential for building and advancing skills instead of just getting help in academics, grades, or a degree. It supports monetary development and builds the GDP of a country. It even lessens newborn child death rate, builds human existence hope. Education is of prime importance as it has vast advantages. Education helps in settling on the ideal choices at the hour of contentions. It helps in expanding one’s information, insightful and critical thinking skills.
“When I say develop your skills, I don’t mean related to every business area of that industry. This is not very realistic. I mean, the field of your expertise in that industry.”

  • Pooja Agnihotri