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Tami Guberman | Senior Partner - Managing The Payroll Bureau & Acting CFO | Guberman Group

Guberman Group: Solving all the Accounting and Financial Needs of Multi-national Companies

Committed in providing best in class accounting and financial management solutions, Guberman Group provides effective solutions for various organizations. In an interview with Insights Success, Tami Guberman, Senior Partner – managing the Payroll Bureau and acting CFO, briefly mentions some of the challenges the organization has faced and strategies it has incorporated to ensure its standing in the market. So, let’s have a look at what the leader has to say about the organization.
Firstly, give us a brief overview of Guberman Group, its solutions and services? 
Tami Guberman: Operating as the accounting department for most of our clients, we cover the entire gamut of outsourced financial services, from financial administration through bookkeeping and payroll, to tax processing, accounting and outsourced CFO. At Guberman Group, we focus on creating value to our clients personally as well as to their organization. We believe in helping them to succeed in all their tasks with no stress or overload, while delivering high quality services to the CEO and BOD.
Guberman Group provides premium payroll services to organizations that do not compromise on the professional care of its most valuable resource – the human resource.
How do you diversify Payroll Services so that it will benefit your customers? 
Tami Guberman: The key for providing the right service for every client lies in the personnel. After a characterization of the client’s needs, we match the most suitable professionals for the specific client’s needs and character. We also allow the client to interview the dedicated team to examine the chemistry between them, and if they don’t have any, we’ll do the matching process again.
Share the experiences, achievements or lessons learnt that have shaped the journey of the organization? 
Tami Guberman: When the Dotcom bubble burst at the beginning of the millennium, many companies experienced cash-flow difficulties. At that point, they realized they can benefit from outsourcing services. Outsourcing is a cost-efficient, flexible solution that could save a lot of money to the company. Instead of hiring a payroll specialist that costs as much as hiring a developer, you can outsource the payroll process and invest the money in the core business of the company.
How Guberman Group is contributing to make the industry better? 
Tami Guberman: As an essential part of the Israeli tech ecosystem, we try to make as many relevant connections as we possibly can, whether among service providers like lawyers and accountants, or between young entrepreneurs to corporations, or startups to investors. We make it our business to know everybody and connect them to each other. Currently, we make over 300 connections per year.
How does Guberman Group stand out from the competition? 
Tami Guberman: Quality, quality, quality. Eventually, as competition for every client increases, and the differentiation is more than just technological, what matters most is the quality of service and customer satisfaction which directly affects new clientele for the company. Guberman Group’s biggest added value is its experienced and service oriented team. In order to provide the best service, you must have the best employees, and if there’s something we’ve learned from the high-tech industry, is that the human resource is the most important asset of the company. Most of our organizational resources are invested in the highest quality manpower available today, enabling us to lead the competition.
About the Leader 
As a senior partner and Head of payroll bureau of Guberman Group, Tami Guberman was already committed to promoting women’s empowerment, gender equality and was dedicated to getting more women into senior management positions. Today, at Guberman Group, of which 80% are women, most of the executive positions are staffed by women. Also, she makes sure to devote a significant amount of time every week to consulting, making connections, and transferring professional content to young women entrepreneurs.
About the Company
Guberman Group is a full-service multidisciplinary provider of accounting and financial management services in Israel. For over two decades, the group provides meticulous, efficient, and reliable accounting solutions, thanks to the uncompromising professionalism of its employees and its emphasis on quality.
Ranked among Israel’s top four outsourced accounting firms, the group’s 95 staff members, provide prime services to multi-national companies, startups, public firms, and companies in the high-tech, manufacturing and trade sectors.