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Growing demand of cybersecurity solutions

Not so long ago, the phone or computer was something that not everyone could afford. Today, such a situation could be quite difficult to imagine. After all, smart devices are used by everyone, including children and seniors as well.

However, as these devices take up more and more space in our lives, it is also imperative to keep safety in mind. Plus, evolving equipment and opportunities are also opening up new avenues for those who want to profit from it and even more risk security.

So, what are the options that could guarantee your security online? First, it would be best to have managed IT services in place. Why? Let us have a look at some of the solutions where mostly an IT support service can supply for your business:

Virtual Private Network (VPN). It is thought to be one of the most popular choices among Internet users who seek security online. According to statistics, more than 31 percent of Internet users all over the world have at least once used VPN services. Why is it so special? First of all, it lets you stay anonymous both for your Internet service provider and for any other people as well even if you use public Wi-Fi. Sounds good, right? VPN encrypts your data so that it becomes invisible, and you are able to browse the Internet absolutely securely.

It’s also a great way to access pages that aren’t normally available in your country. Thus, VPN not only allows you to browse the Internet securely, but also allows you to watch the movies you want, listen to the music you want, play games, or buy the goods you want much cheaper. Follow VPN news!

Antivirus Software is created to take action against any malicious programs on your devices. Sometimes people mistakenly think that antivirus programs are only needed when using a computer. However, antivirus software is necessary when using your cellphone as well. Especially considering that antivirus programs detect more than 350,000 viruses every day. That is insane!

Furthermore, the statistics show that more and more people fall into a cybercrime trap every year. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the cybercrime rate has grown up to 600 %. That is crazy, isn’t it? Meanwhile, only a half of consumers can protect themselves from cybercrime because another half of them simply do not use any antivirus software on their devices.

So, is there any need for further evidence of the need for this security program? If you do not have such software yourself, have a look at Antivirus and other Avast solutions. AVG could also be an excellent option for you as AVG is one of the top cybersecurity players. By choosing an antivirus program that suits you the best, you will be able to browse the Internet more securely.

Password Managers: This is another tool that helps to generate strong passwords for web applications and securely store them. Not everyone understands the need for this tool until their account is hacked by unexpected guests. The problem is that most people tend to use the same password on other platforms they use. So, when hackers learn the password of one particular platform, this opens the door to all your personal information.

Password Managers are used to enabling the user to create a new and strong password for each platform without having to memorize them all. Moreover, it will remind you to change your passwords regularly, which you do not do as often as you should, right? Fun fact that even 60 percent of people use their name or birthdate in their password. Hopefully, you do not use such information in your passwords, do you?

File Encryption services: It is a software platform that uses encoding solutions to prevent unauthorized access to your personal files. Even though it might sound quite difficult, such software scrambles your files’ contents and renders them unreadable unless the user has the appropriate key which lets them open these files. By the way, such a key can only be provided by the files’ sender.

File Encryption services are used both by individuals and businesses because it ensures that the file you send will not be hijacked either when it is sent, during its journey to the recipient, or when it successfully reaches the recipient. It may not matter much to someone who sends a friend their own poem (by the way, it can also be stolen and published under a foreign name!), But contracts or other information involving a great deal of responsibility, money, or confidential information take on a completely different meaning.