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Getting a Rodent Removal Is Not Enough – Staying Vigilant After That Is the Key

If you have a rodent infestation in your house and feel that rodent removal is all you need, chances you need to know more. The key here is to stay vigilant as well. When the pest removal process takes place, there is an exterminator who does a total inspection to ensure that there are zero rodents in your house. But there is a probability that a few rats or mice can get overlooked in the first phase of the rodent removal initiative. Hence, you need to always be on the lookout to check if there are traces of rats and mice in your home.

A warning sign is that there might be rodents on the property. In case you see new gnaw marks on the furniture and the food container, you need to let the exterminator know that the place might have traces of rodents lingering and that it is essential to take care of it. Today, you can get in touch with professional pest control companies who can help you get rid of rats and rodents.

Proofing your house from rodents during fall

As temperatures go low, the pests such as rats and mice will start to search for warm places for coming across shelter and food. It means your home can be at a higher risk. Other than getting in touch with a professional pest control service provider, you also need to implement a few steps.

Clean up the yard

You need to address the problem parts of the yard to stay secure from rodent infestation. First, you have to be certain that there are no tree branches that hang or touch too close to the roof, as it can provide easy access to the rodents and make them enter the roof. You should mow the lawn and also trim back the plantings and shrubs around the home exterior. Ensure that no debris or firewood is piled up close to your home.

Seal your home

The other step to prevent rodent infestation is to ensure they have trouble getting inside your house. When you get to do this, you have to seal the potential entryways from where rodents can enter your home. As you are doing this, know that mice can get inside through tiny holes. Hence, it would help if you also took care to seal up the small gaps, including the torn vent screens, the opening for the utility liners, and the open garage doors. Ensure to seal up the foundation cracks as well.

Eliminate all the probable food sources

Finally, you could be possibly attracting the rats and mice to your house unknowingly with food sources. And for this reason, you need to come across ways you are feeding the pests that are acting against your rodent proofing. Go ahead and mop the indoors regularly, pest-proof your containers, store the dry goods, and clean your dirty dishes and all the food spills.

All these steps will go a long way in securing you from rodent infestations.