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GAB Enterprise IT Solutions: Offering Conclusive Cloud Solutions

Environment that delivers software, infrastructure and platform services across the organization. With many markets experiencing severe upheavals, it is of paramount importance for companies to protect their profit margins.
This necessitates integrated business solutions that are cost-effective, and offer superior speed & performance for IT resources to enable better productivity and efficiency. Enterprise cloud computing frees organizations from the trouble of server maintenance and backups, and ensures anytime anywhere access and realtime updates.
GAB Enterprise IT Solutions is a well-recognized name and pioneer in the enterprise cloud services industry, offering cloud-based infrastructure and network solutions for enterprises, as well as productivity solutions for the modern workplace focused around the Office365.
GAB also offers extensive consulting services in designing, planning and implementation of hybrid cloud, private cloud and public cloud infrastructures environment in organizations. GAB is currently a Tier1 Cloud Solution Provider and accredited Microsoft Gold Partner in 8 different competencies.
Single Minded Purpose
Clarity of vision and mission is the key to achieving ones objectives. When Microsoft´s formulated its vision of cloud computing around 2010, GAB was quick to embrace this new vision, because it aligned with the company’s own take on the future of enterprise computing. GAB accordingly invested heavily in equipping it’s team of consultants and engineers for the new era of cloud computing, seeking the highest level of accreditation for all relevant Microsoft cloud technologies.
Today GAB’s mission is best described as: “Enabling organizations to master the digital transformation of their businesses – by planning, implementing and maintaining state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure for our customers.”
Techie and Entrepreneur
Harald Ehrl, the Founder of GAB Enterprise IT Solutions has always been single-minded about the reliable delivery of services to his customers. Harald possesses a deep technical understanding of cloud infrastructure technologies. He also has a keen understanding developing technological trends and of the IT industry as a whole. Although Harald prefers to keep a low profile in the industry, he never hesitates to share his view when asked for his opinion, which is a much sought after quality, both by the customers and partners alike.
GAB Enterprise IT SolutionsValuable Contribution to the Azure Industry
GAB’s value proposition to the market is that it truly enables customers to embark on the path of digital transformation, which for many companies, particularly for industrial sectors such as manufacturing and engineering is a daunting task. Industrial age companies
struggle with a countless issues, ranging from big investments in legacy systems to a being trapped in an analog mindset and a lack of vision or understanding, when faced with the challenge of a digital transformation. GAB provides fine technical expertise together with business acumen to customers embarking on a transition into the cloud.
In terms of the Microsoft Azure service provider industry, GAB is actively contributing in establishing the Azure Cloud as the place to go with ERP systems, particularly SAP. While a fair amount of skepticism still prevails among CIO´s concerning operating costs of SAP in Azure cloud, GAB has successfully showcased that operating costs can be reduced by as much as 25% through the intelligent optimization of Azure resources.
GAB believes this optimization can be further improved. This illustrates how the paradigms of on-premise solutions need to be challenged and reformulated in order to facilitate the transition of enterprise IT environments into the cloud.
Winning the Customer’s Trust with its Unique Approach
“Customers need to be able to rely on what we say about our service and the results we will deliver. Our customers entrust the future wellbeing of their company to us when we undertake a migration project with them. We cannot afford to disappoint them”, says Herald.
Since its inception, GAB Enterprise IT Solutions has held to the motto: ‘We deliver on our promises’. Although, the company’s mission statement has grown, it remains at the core of its value set. GAB Enterprise IT Solutions is a customer-centric organization which strives hard to meet and surpass its customer’s expectations. The company has been winning its customer’s trust based on the depth of the technical expertise which their consultants and engineers possess.
Attributes that Differentiate the GAB Enterprise IT Solutions
GAB Enterprise IT Solutions’ success rests on two major traits, the first trait embracing the company’s commitment to service delivery and keeping the promises the company makes to its customers. The second significant trait is the company’s commitment towards excellence. While elaborating their traits and the overall strategy to achieve success, Harald asserts, “In our business, excellence can only be achieved through continuous learning. This applies not only to continually renewing the accreditations of our consultants and engineers, but also to motivating every one of our coworkers to keep learning every day.”
The business of digital transformation is an intellectually challenging work, as there are many unknowns that need to be understood. To cope up with this high intellectual demand of the business, the team of GAB Enterprise doesn’t leave a stone unturned in the quest to provide the best solution for the customer.
The company encourages its co-workers to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which at GAB can be translated into: “Work hard- play hard”. One such attribute that makes GAB stand out from the crowd is its strong passion about technology. The zest to innovate drives the team to explore new technologies and the possibilities they hold for their customers. The company also considers its co-workers as the most important factor because trust is built through the daily personal interactions between its own team members and the people working for the customers.
Paving a Way towards a Bright Future
GAB strongly believes that while hybrid IT environments may constitute a practical and legitimate pathway to digital transformation in the interim; the future belongs to the cloud-only infrastructure. This development will shape the industry over the next decade or so. Accordingly, GAB will position itself increasingly as a digital facility manager for its customers, ensuring that they can rely on powerful, yet lean IT facilities at all times and in every region of the globe.
GAB Enterprise IT Solutions foresees a number of exciting opportunities for a continued strong growth of the company. While describing the future of the company, Harald says, “The transitioning of ERP systems into the Azure cloud environment will pick up momentum in the coming years. Also, we see many opportunities in the transformation of today’s workplaces into truly digitalized, modern workspaces.”
The company envisages the Azure cloud to pave the way for the prolonged development of the Internet of Things (IoT) trend. GAB expects an ever-increasing rate of adaptation of IoT-based solutions in the manufacturing and industrial engineering sector in the coming years.
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