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Features of Smart Lighting Systems

Lighting is an integral part of our everyday lives. Whereas conventional lighting systems were all about illumination, technology today provides us with smart lighting systems that do much more than that. The smart lighting revolution is changing how we light buildings and homes and what light can do for us overall.
Now we have smart connected devices that save energy, evoke emotions, upgrade property values, make our lives easier, and ultimately help create a better quality of life. Even traditionally constructed buildings are switching into smart homes and buildings with the help of smart lighting technology.

Smart Lighting Systems Features

Why are smart lighting systems taking over from conventional lighting? They provide features that you will not find with traditional incandescent bulbs and other older lighting models. Here are a few of the features that make switching to smart lighting technology bliss.


Automation is the new big thing and installing a smart lighting system is just one of the milestones on the path to that future. Smart lighting technology in a home gives your visitors the impression that you are intelligent and forward-thinking. Turning traditional switches on and off while you are in the middle of a work or study session can be a nuisance.
If, on the other hand, you use automated smart lighting systems, the problem becomes outdated because you can automate the lights to suit your situation. If you have something you need to do at a particular time, you can program your smart lighting app to activate the lights at that particular hour. If you want the lights to go off after you are through with whatever you are doing, you can program them to do so without moving an inch from your comfort zone.

Remote Controlled

Using smart lighting technology also has the advantage of allowing for remote control of the lights, irrespective of where you are. All you need is your mobile phone or tablet, your smart lighting app, and without being present in your home or building, you can turn the lights on or off.
Workers in a manufacturing company responsible for monitoring the machines can control them remotely by using smart lighting technology. Smart lighting systems allow you to enjoy your vacation, travel, or even a party without having to worry about the state of your home illumination and other gadgets linked to smart lighting technology.

Saving Energy

Everyone wants to see their energy bills go down. An important step toward achieving this goal is learning how to improve the energy efficiency of your home and appliances. Using smart lighting in any way you like without having to worry about your electricity bill is a great benefit.
Smart lighting systems utilize LEDs, which are extremely energy efficient. They can save up to 90% of the energy used by standard incandescent bulbs. It also allows users to set their lights to an energy-saving mode, which means they will turn off when you leave the room and dim slightly to reduce their energy use.

Set To Go with the Mood

Every person’s dream is to get home and have their lights instantly turn on for them. It is a pleasant experience to have the lights turned automatically dimmer and warmer when you are reading a book, so your eyes don’t hurt, and gradually turn off when you are sleeping to ensure you have a good night’s sleep.
Installing smart lighting systems allows you to set lights to suit your current mood, which you do not get from conventional lighting systems. Setting the lights to match one’s mood implies that you can employ smart lighting systems for varying events and situations. Changing the color to suit your mood and the ambiance is both comforting and soothing, as you do not have to worry about unnecessary glare.
You can also create your own ambiance for the moment with a voice command or a few flicks of your fingers. If you pre-adjust the settings of your smart lights in advance, your lights will take care of everything for you.


Your smart lighting system can also notify you of any events happening on or around your premises. Most likely, if you are having a loud party at your home and someone rings the doorbell, you will not hear it. However, your smart lights can give you a visual alert that someone is at the door.
You can also link and program the smart lighting system to your social media accounts. Each time you get an email, an inbox message on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, or even a text message, the light blinks or changes color to notify you.

Motion Detection

In some circumstances, smart lighting systems fitted with motion detectors turn on when they sense any unusual movement. As a result, the smart lights will expose anyone lurking around your property late at night, which is incredibly beneficial for home security. Additionally, smart lighting can make things a lot easier for guests who need to use the restroom located down the hall.
If your kids wander out of the house at night or if they are roaming around in their sleep, the smart technology will alert you through your mobile device. When a sensor detects movement, it turns on a light for the youngster and light in your room, alerting you that someone is moving around the property. The same goes for pets wandering out of the house and compound.

Wrapping Up

Today, more people are showing great interest in smart lighting systems than they did in the past, maybe because then there were no other options besides conventional lighting bulbs. You can accomplish things with your lights that were not previously conceivable because of programmable lighting.
Smart technology allows you to control the lights with your smartphone, including turning them on and off, activating, dimming, blinking, and changing colors. They also help you realize energy and cost savings by providing you with the ability to modify the brightness of the lighting fixtures.
Adoption of smart lighting technology in homes, offices, and enterprises is without a doubt a good idea. They can truly brighten up your day.

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