You are currently viewing EXCELLA GLOBAL: An Exceptional Procurement Solution Provider for Interior Design Industry

EXCELLA GLOBAL: An Exceptional Procurement Solution Provider for Interior Design Industry

Building a project is one of the biggest investments an individual can make. The largest components of the overall budget for any construction project are almost always the interior and exterior design. The smart project builder is aware of this and will enjoy a superior finished product while saving both time and money.
Professional architects and contractors keep in touch with the latest trends in their respective industries, and they use that knowledge to create stunning designs. However, keeping track of every new trend in a highly progressive market, like interior and exterior designing, is virtually impossible for them as well.
A comprehensive solution to assist these professionals will not only simplify the design process but also result in better designs in shorter timeframes. This is where Excella Global comes in.
Excella Global is a one-stop global sourcing and procurement solution provider for interior and exterior decoration products. The company’s services are aimed at interior designers, architects and project owners in projects as diverse as hospitality, real estate, corporate space, institutions, and private residences.
Excella Global optimizes time and cost investments by helping clients procure the best products for their needs from verified vendors at the best prices.
Simplifying the Purchasing Process
Excella Global has spent over a decade giving interior designers and architects a versatile platform to improve their speed and efficiency without compromising quality. The company excels at identifying the needs of clients and helps them to purchase quality products at the best prices.
Its end-to-end services from sourcing to execution give customers access to furniture, lights, building materials, art, and artefacts. Over the years, the company has developed a massive sourcing database of many thousands of products and an intuitive interface which helps clients make the right choice for their needs quickly.
The journey of Excella Global began from China. Initially, it struggled to find the best way to match customers’ requests and specifications with the right product and right vendor. However, it quickly gained a strong command over the diverse market, and has now widened its procurement network to include India, Indonesia, and Italy.
A Proactive Entrepreneur
Mr. Vivek Agrawal is the CEO of Excella Global and he contributes as a strategy designer to the company. Vivek is never short of ideas to inject innovation into a client’s project.
He is a young, passionate, and proactive entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in diverse fields, which includes furniture, marble, tiles, lighting, chemicals, and fabrics. It is his unrivalled vision and leadership that has made the company a leader in the industry.
Vivek is usually involved at the planning stage of projects and maintains a consistent presence throughout the project implementation cycle. He has the invaluable ability to translate a client’s goal into actionable strategy, and excels at articulating concepts and educating clients so they can make empowered and informed business decisions.
His experience gives him a knack for understanding trends from the ground up and the foresight to carry those trends smoothly through various projects. He is also involved in ensuring that all of the project work and operational activities adhere to the high standards that he has set for the company and its clients.
Vivek is constantly looking to identify newer, more efficient ways and opportunities to improve the company’s services. His diverse experience allows him to make smart decisions from a business strategy perspective for his clients while fostering a creative environment for day-to-day operations for his employees.
Timely Communication
Excella Global places great emphasis on upfront and timely communication to better serve its customers. It has invested heavily in creating and constantly improving on how it communicates with both clients and vendors. Excella Global endows its customers with a system through which the customers can get an extensive sourcing advantage. The company bids a local representation feature that helps clients to choose the right product and for further assurance the customers can track and check each and every order as well. This system is known for its speed in processing and this is evident from the hundreds of positive reviews and references by its clients.
Eying Global Expansion
Excella Global has made a significant contribution to the design and construction sphere in Asian countries like China and India, and is now expanding its sourcing wings across the globe.
It is also working on a collaborative international model to connect interior designers and architects with manufacturers. Excella Global soft-launched this revolutionary platform at
Explaining its benefits, Vivek asserts, “The platform will empower architects and interior designers with simplified sourcing and procurement, and will give a global reach to large and small vendors alike.”
The company is considering other similar initiatives and aims to stay attuned with the latest designs to facilitate the global market.