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Everything You Need to Know About Visitax

The new tax is known as “Visitax,” but it may also be referred to as “visitor tax,” “tourist tax,” or “tourism tax”. The Minister of Finance and Planning of the State Government approved Visitax on April 1, 2021, through the Quintana Roo Tax System. Tulum, Cancun, Bacalar, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, and the Riviera Maya are all subject to the new required tax in Quintana Roo. All international tourists aged 15 and up must pay Visitax, which is 224 Mexican pesos per person (about 10dollars or 11dollars depending on the current exchange rate). Tourists from Belize will pay 10% less than all other foreign visitors. The cause for this is that they are frequent visitors who frequently cross the border on short trips.

If you’ve been to Cancun before, you’re undoubtedly wondering why there’s a Visitax Cancun. This is due to several factors. In a statement, Quintana Roo Governor Carlos Joaquin González said, “We are going to work for the betterment of tourists in these difficult circumstances.” The tax was enacted to aid in the recovery of hospitality & tourism, as well as to assist the region in overcoming the negative impact on the economy of the COVID-19 outbreak. Visitax will not only help to develop additional jobs, but it will also contribute to the long-term funding of new tourist attractions.

Coronavirus has had a significant influence on Quintana Roo, as it has in other areas of the world, and this has had an impact on both the inhabitants and the tourism sector as a whole. The consequences are projected to last until 2022 and beyond. This new tax will benefit the community, its residents, and enterprises, and will lead to more satisfying things for tourists to do in the future.

How to Pay Visitax

You can pay Visitax in two ways: in person at the airports, or you can also pay online at If you want to pay online, you’ll have to fill in the following details: departure date, the number of passengers traveling, and the names, ages, and passport numbers of each person traveling with you. You can pay as a group and receive separate coupons for each traveler if you’re going with family or friends. You can pay with a credit card on the internet, and don’t worry; the electronic payment option is safe and secure.

You can register for your trip to Mexico online at any moment up until the day of your departure. You will get a coupon after paying the fee, which must be presented to airport security while departing Mexico.

You can also deposit it at the airport on the day of your flight if that is more convenient for you. The airport has booths where you can pay in pesos or dollars; however, please remember that they only take cash and not credit cards. Also, keep in mind that, while the government claims the process should take no more than 10 minutes, it may take longer during peak season. If you intend to pay at the airport, arrive early to avoid catching your flight home. You’ll receive a Barcode to scan at security after making a payment at one of the booths.