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Entrepreneur Stress Relief: 7 Ways to Take an Effective Break from Work

Any job can be stressful but when you are an entrepreneur responsible for the success of your business, that stress is magnified many times over. Unfortunately, there is nothing quite like stress to keep you from being as effective as you can be, so it’s time to look at some stress reduction techniques. It all begins with taking a much-needed break from work. No matter what you do to seek relief, you will never find it if you are focused on the job and all the worries that are keeping you up at night. Step away for just a few moments to try one or more of the following ways to take that stress-relieving break you so deserve.

1. Go for a Walk

Sometimes, when things get heated in the office, it pays to simply head out the door and go for a walk. Take a look around you so that you see that as big as your problems may seem, there is always something that would be harder to deal with. Walking helps to clear your head with each life-giving breath you take in. If there’s a park nearby, go for a walk along the pathway. Noting is quite as soothing as nature so if you have access to a common green, spend a few minutes there each day.

2. Yoga and Deep Breathing Exercises

Speaking of life-giving breaths, that is the premise upon which yoga has been developed. By breathing in those healing breaths, you can begin to strengthen the seven chakras within your body. When strengthening the chakras, you will notice that your emotions begin to heal and isn’t that what stress is all about? You have reached a point where your feelings of despair or maybe anger have overwhelmed your sense of peace. Take it back with each deep breath you inhale. You’ll be surprised just how much better you’ll feel after a brief deep-breathing exercise.

3. Lock Your Door and Have Some Fun!

You are, after all, the boss! Why not lock your door and do something you enjoy? Go online for something other than gathering and analysing data. Why not visit an online casino where you can play a quick game of poker, spin the roulette wheel, or even enter a Virtual Reality room where you can take out your frustrations on digital enemies?

You can read reviews and compare gambling and/or gaming sites on the website. Find online casinos where you aren’t even required to leave a deposit before joining the fun. In fact, has all the info you need to find the games that will help you relax while giving you the chance to be a winner.

4. Allocate Responsibilities

Another thing you probably haven’t done yet is to allocate responsibilities to some of your most trusted employees or teammates. In the words of the Trappist Monk, Thomas Merton, no man is an island. No one can go through life expecting to do and be all things. Once you’ve allocated key jobs that have kept you up nights worrying, you just might find that the solution was right there all along. Stress kept you from seeing it, but that valued team member spotted the solution right away.

5. Let Loose and Have a Bit of Fun

One thing that just might help others on your team as well as yourself is to periodically let loose and have a bit of fun. While it might not be wise to do this when clients are in the office, you can always crank up a bit of music and dance like Tom Cruise all those years ago in Risky Business. Your staff may see you as this stoic boss who is all work and no play. It just might do your heart well while helping them to relax as well. Let them see you as the human you are! You are still their boss, but you can be human after all!

6. Schedule Time Off for Yourself

As the boss, you give everyone time off except yourself. It is vitally important that you take time off to, as the old cliché goes, ‘stop and smell the roses.’ However, unlike that ten or fifteen-minute walk around the block or through the neighbourhood park, you will be giving yourself permission to take a whole weekend off. Make it a habit not to bring work home for the weekend so that you will be left to your own devices. How long has it been since you’ve given yourself a day off?

7. Spend More Time with Family and Friends

One thing you may not be aware of is that being an entrepreneur growing a business from the ground up will almost certainly put a damper on your relationships. Always make time for your family and friends so that you keep the bonds of those relationships strong. You know what they say about all work and no play, so don’t leave yourself open to a solitary life. Spend time with those you love, and you will be amazed at just how much strength you gain from them and how much strength you offer in return. If you ask any entrepreneur who experienced a breakup in the process of growing their business, you will undoubtedly hear them lament not taking time for those they love.

Give Yourself Permission to Be Human

Sometimes there is little you can do to leave the concerns behind at work, but if it’s not a life and death situation, there really is no reason you can’t take a break. You will find that you are rejuvenated beyond what you had imagined and in the end, you will have a clearer vision of where the source of your stress resides. Play a few games online that help you focus on anything but your issues at work or breathe deeply the fresh air you rarely notice. You are, after all, the boss, so give yourself permission to relax and enjoy. The job will still be there when you get back.

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