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Easy EML to Outlook Transfer

MS Outlook is one of the most popular mail systems for personal and corporate use. However, it accepts a very specific format — PST. Outlook Express and Live Mail, which are both discontinued today, store emails as EML. The same is true for several other mail clients. For example, The Bat!, Vista Mail, and Eudora all use EML. So, what happens when you need to export your old correspondence?

The easiest way involves the use of a special transfer utility. Software created especially for this format combination is easy to find. For example, automated conversion described on guarantees accurate transition. Although manual methods exist, they have one important drawback: you never know if your mail data will remain intact.

Example: Live Mail to Outlook

Windows Live Mail has been officially discontinued. Thus, users have to move their emails elsewhere, and Outlook is the obvious choice. Live Mail was designed for Windows 7. Today, it is outrageously outdated.

Outlook Express is another obsolete app. No native migration tool exists. As a result, users have to search for efficient third-party solutions. The third scenario is the recovery of information from a damaged mail database by conversion back to PST. This is another task resolved by a converter quickly.

Overview of Advantages

The sheer number of benefits is impressive. A professional converter offers a speedy and effective way to move correspondence safely. It will turn your EML data into PST in no time. Besides, you will see:

  • recreation of the source folder structure in Outlook;
  • seamless import of EML in several clicks;
  • smooth and automatic transformation of the email encoding when you switch between operating systems;
  • a choice between importing into a standalone PST file or existing Outlook profile;
  • an opportunity to create large PST files or divide them into smaller bits.

Finally, the system has an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate even for beginners. You did not need to know any IT jargon to migrate easily. A simple wizard will guide you through all the necessary steps.

Not So Easy

Do not be misguided by the fact that EML was developed by Microsoft. When you try importing it into the most popular versions of Outlook today, you may run into typical problems. This process involves some steps (export, conversion, and import), and each must be performed flawlessly.

When there is a large volume of old correspondence, manual attempts are often doomed. There is no guarantee that your data will land in its destination intact. Remember that moving email also means transferring attachments and other related data. A converter can handle any subtype of EML with guaranteed results.

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