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ClientAlley: One-Stop Shop Solution for all your Investment Needs

Giving prominence to the basics, ‘providing insightful value added advice and services to the esteemed clients,’Client Alley – Private Wealth Management, has a presence across in Major cities of India and are also planning to expand in other cities. ClientAlley is targeting its steady growth while maintaining focus on its core competence.

Having a passion and commitment to managing wealth and managing client’s funds, ClientAlley’s core portfolio comprises of multi asset tailor made solutions and strategies with the aim of protecting capital at times of uncertainty and picking up investment growth when markets are more buoyant.

Nitin Avasthi and Achin Jain, Co-founders of Client Alley – Private Wealth Management, were ex- Private Bankers who formed the company with an experience of over a decade into private Banking Arena, working with reputed Indian and MNC Banks, with specialization certifications earned across wealth management product and services and asset classes.

Client Alley has team of professionals trained specifically on the subject, and have gained experience in dealing with all investment avenues and asset classes, also providing end to end solutions in Investment Management, Goal Planning, Tax consulting, Real Estate Advisory and Foreign Exchange Consulting.
Since its inception in June 2014, in less than 2 years ClientAlley has earned recognitions and Awards at National Level Forums for its qualitative work in the field of providing Wealth Management Advisory services across all asset classes to investors.

Investment Solutions Offered by ClientAlley
ClientAlley’s Product Suite is a one-stop shop solution for all the investment needs, which includes:
Mutual Funds, a type of professionally managed collective investment vehicle that pools money from many investors to purchase securities.

Fixed Income Products, are those which provide a fixed amount of income at regular intervals. There is no risk to capital in these instruments, but income is lower than market based investment.

Insurance plans are investments that protect you and your family against an uncertain future. They offer all types of insurance policies to suit you and your family requirements. These include both life & non-life products.

Structured Products, also known as a market-linked investment, is a pre-packaged investment strategy based on derivatives whose returns are linked to an underlying index such as the Nifty or a basket of stocks or debt issuances, interest rates or even foreign currencies.

Real Estate Services, with the growing prices of Property in India, this has fast become the investment choice of many investors. The other options available in this space are Real-Estate PE funds, Real-Estate Yield funds which are also gaining prominence among HNI investors.

PMS, or Portfolio Management Service is a specialized investment vehicle that offers a range of specified investment strategies to manage portfolios predominantly in equities. The most important benefit of a PMS is the customized and consultative approach applied behind every investment decision.

Alternative Investments, other than the traditional investments like stocks, bonds, gold, real estate and cash, there are alternative investment options available. Some of these are;Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Managed Futures and Distressed Debt.

Estate Planning Services, involves a plan and a well thought-out approach to transfer your assets to the future generations, according to your wishes and objectives by effective management and preservation of your assets.

ClientAlley’s sole aim is to work in synergy with investors and keep mentoring their investments through the path right from identifying their financial goals, strategising their plan of action, working with them in tandem till they achieve their financial Goals.