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Cigniti Technologies: Powering Digital Transformation with Quality Engineering and Assurance Services

With constant changes in technology landscape and increasing competition, Digital Transformation has become the norm for global enterprises worldwide. Organizations are spending substantial time, efforts and resources while undergoing the transformation. All this translates into increased focus on Quality Assurance and Software Testing and this is our growing target market.
Cigniti Technologies is a global leader in Independent Quality Engineering Services, with more than 2000 career testers spread across US, UK, India, Australia, and Canada. Cigniti offerings include Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, Digital Assurance, and Quality Assurance Solutions. Cigniti also has its own IPled, next generation proprietary testing platform that helps strengthen its global leadership.
Cigniti’s vision is, “to be the world’s largest and most respected independent quality engineering services company and to build a better world by helping build quality software”. By focusing on a niche segment like software testing that is experiencing a global need at a huge scale, Cigniti is all set to expand and make a mark in the IT industry.
With 49 of Fortune 500 and 70+ of Global 2000 companies in its clients’ list, Cigniti is powering the digital transformation of several global enterprises across the industry verticals.
Passionate Leader with a Unifying Vision 
Srikanth Chakkilam is the Chief Executive Officer and a member of the founding group at Cigniti Technologies Inc. He is responsible for developing the company strategy to be in-line with the vision, mission and the values of the organization. Srikanth has a proven track record of success in Business Relations, Development, and Management with strong expertise in effective organization and communication.
Srikanth is a dedicated leader with skills in team development and believes in building a sustainable, forward-thinking organization based on radical transparency and idea meritocracy. He drives the organization’s growth through both organic and inorganic pursuits & believes in empowering his people. Adopting to Future Challenges New and trending Digital Technologies are changing the way of Testing and Development Lifecycle. A couple of years back, manual testing was widely used, while today Test Automation is dominating the Quality Assurance (QA) scene. Enterprises are rapidly moving towards Agile and DevOps by adopting Automation Tools. While this has accelerated the testing cycle, the challenge is to ensure cost effectiveness, especially those in moving test assets from one platform to another.
Powering Journey with Digital Transformation 
Cigniti has established itself as a key player in the market by developing comprehensive testing frameworks and strategies that encompass an organizations’ digital value chain. Cigniti has professionals with in-depth experience in the SMAC domains: social, mobile, analytics and cloud.
The company depends substantially on its well-developed people and processes to ensure customer satisfaction. This approach helps the organization to take innovative steps and keep embracing new ways to enhance its service proposition.
Inspired by Revolutionization of Software Testing 
When Srikanth Chakkilam came on board Cigniti Technologies, he was staring at the crossroads between a profitable software service route or a specialized software testing route. After consulting with the leading experts from the industry, he was convinced that Software Testing offered the most value for clients and that Quality Software Testing was the future, moving forth.
At present, Cigniti is a global leader in the field of software testing services. With Digital Transformation, the significance of its testing solutions has improved in both speed and quality. Cigniti Testing team takes pride in building enterprises of the future. This has inspired the company to stay ahead of times from the beginning.
The Software Testing Scenario
Today Software Testing techniques and methods have changed a lot in the last decade with the emergence of inclusive methodologies such as Agile and DevOps. Today, testing is no more an afterthought, but is rather factored within the Development Cycle. This approach has enabled enterprises to conduct continuous testing and continuous integration to ensure quality at speed.
An Upcoming Service Line and a Bright Future 
Cigniti is working on its new service lines focusing on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Quality Engineering, which cater to Enterprise Accounts across the globe. The company has also recruited Software Development Engineer in Testers (SDETs) with experience in diverse industries to further scale up its DevOps delivery.
Cigniti has also created a Digital Lab, IoT Lab and Smart Meters Lab in addition to the Mobile, Performance Engineering, and Robotics Labs. Moreover, the organization is scaling up with Internal Training Programs and lateral hiring to match the need for Artificial Intelligence and IoT testing.
Cigniti’s IP-led, next generation proprietary testing platforms have been a great success and have enabled it to offer better capabilities to its clients. The company has plans to invest and build more advanced IP-led tools and platforms to cater to the diverse needs of its clients and provide better facilities and services.
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