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China’s raises $12.2 billion within a single year

One of China’s largest retail companies, raised $12 billion in less than a year’s time. 

The e-commerce giant, headquartered in Beijing managed to raise this $12 billion through public offerings in the cities of Hong Kong and New York. 
According to public filings, the only investment bank that partook in each listing, from all the company’s subsidiaries to its Hong Kong stock offering, was the Bank of America. 
Jingdong, being a major competitor to China’s Alibaba went public with four of their affiliates since June and this is the role they played in raising a gross total of $12.2 billion: 

  • JD Logistics – going public on Friday in Hong Kong, raised $3.2 billion and after the first day of trading, had its shares close 3.3% higher, while surging over 18% at a point. 
  • JD Health – in December, last year in a Hong Kong listing, raised $4 billion and presently has its stuck surging at over 50% since the IPO 
  • (Parent) – In June last year, through a secondary listing in Hong Kong, raised an approximate amount $4.5 billion. Since then; stock listed in Hong Kong is up 25%; since NASDAQ recording in 2014 New York listing is over 280%. 
  • Dada Nexus – JD’s investment and gaining majority ownership this year; on June 5th in its Public offering gained $320 million and has its stock at about 59% since IPO. 

According to data from Wind Information that may be subject to change due to the factors of foreign exchange rates and calculation of bank fees, excluding the New York parent, the four stocks have their market capitalized at an approximate of $198 billion. 

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