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Can You Put a Betta Fish with Other Fish?

Betta fish seem to be a popular choice for many people who want an aquarium in their homes. They are beautiful and come in a variety of colors. However, because betta fish live in small cups or bowls, they require special care regarding the water quality and living conditions. If you have been considering getting a betta fish for sale but aren’t sure if it will get along with other types of fish, read on.

Increase The Chance of Your Betta with Other Fish

If you’re going to put your betta fish in a tank with other types of fish, you need to make sure they aren’t going to fight. Though this is rare, it can happen and lead to injuries or even death for one or more of the fish involved depending on how aggressive the type of fish is.

When considering putting together a tank, you can improve the chances of following a few things.

 Don’t Put Male Bettas Together

Unless you’re planning on breeding, it is best to keep males in different tanks. They will fight with other bettas, which will hurt them or kill one of the fish involved if they cannot get away from each other.

 Avoid Fish with Flowing Tails

Fish with flowing tails are also at risk of being attacked by your betta. You may want to avoid them altogether if you have a betta, or only keep the fish that live in different parts of the tank away from each other so they don’t fight. 

Don’t Put Your Betta Fish with Large or Aggressive Types of Fish

It would be best if you did not put your betta anywhere near large or aggressive types of fish. They will attack and kill it without hesitation even if their own lives depend on it, which is why this situation ends up happening more often than people think when placing two different types together.

Buy Fish That Don’t Inhabit the Same Areas

This may not always be possible, but you can help keep your betta fish alive longer by buying types of fish that do not inhabit the same areas in their natural habitat.

 Make Sure the Tank Is Big Enough

Make sure you put your betta fish in a large tank to accommodate all the other types of fish. You should not overcrowd your tank at any time, so it may be best if you only keep one type of fish with your betta instead of two or more.

 Add Bettas at A Young Age

If you decide to put your betta fish in a tank with other types of fish, it is best to add them at a young age. It will take time for them all to get used to each other and stop attacking each other as much before the risk goes down significantly.

 Make Sure There Are Lots of Plants & Hiding Places

It would help if you also made sure there were plenty of hiding places inside the tank. This allows all types to spend time away from each other if needed and reduces fighting between species.

If you follow these tips, you will significantly reduce the risk your betta fish will attack or kill another type of fish in their natural habitat, which can be very dangerous for both involved. If this does happen, it may result in death for either one or both, depending on how aggressive they were towards each other at the time of contact, so try your best to prevent this by following these steps.