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Caesars Entertainment to Host a One Day Hiring Event on February 24

On February 24, 2022, Caesars Entertainment, one of the U.S.’s largest and most established gambling operators, will be hosting a hiring event. This will make for a unique opportunity for someone to learn more about the inner workings of the company and perhaps even land a job as another valued member of the team.

Across the country, Caesars Entertainment holds more than 50 properties, including a myriad of affiliated resorts, venues, and casinos, and is always on the lookout for new talent. Someone who can bring the right skill set to the table is more than welcome to introduce themselves and learn more about the career opportunities available in the company. This could be anything from financial transaction management all the way to offering guest services and designing new venues.

Working at Caesars Entertainment comes with many perks. As part of the employee benefits, the team members enjoy affordable healthcare, access to wellness, team member discounts, a paid leave, 401k with employer match, and several opportunities for professional development. Thanks to its numerous online casino and sportsbook products, it’s one of the most popular and established brands in the U.S.A. Feel free to sign up using the Caesars sportsbook promo code that grants you a free bet for those interested in seeing what it’s all about.

The event is scheduled between noon and 5 PM at the Rio in Las Vegas. To make a great first impression, the attendees are advised to dress in professional attire. Moreover, be prepared to have your CV at hand as you may very well be hired on the spot. The company has several part-time and full-time positions available, both entry-level and executive alike.

Matt Krystofiak, S.V.P. human resources operations at Caesars Entertainment, gave an official statement in which he unveiled additional details about the company. One of the notable things to keep in mind is that Caesars Entertainment’s network stretches far and wide, with numerous venues spanning all across the country. Many iconic brands fall under its umbrella, including:

– Harrah’s,

– Horseshoe,

– Eldorado,

– Caesars Sportsbook, and many more.

Caesars Entertainment is opening its doors to motivated individuals from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Those looking to kickstart their career will find plenty of opportunities here, and where better to start than becoming a part of one of the nation’s finest hospitality and entertainment organizations? The National Day of Hiring is meant to build awareness and get potential candidates interested in one of the many benefits of working at Caesars, both in Las Vegas and other places in the U.S.

So what kind of jobs are on offer? Specifically, you could become a

– Cashier ($23k-$36k per year)

– Security officer ($15-$21 per hour)

– Table games dealer ($25 per hour)

– Guest room attendant ($24k-$36k per year)

– Heavy-duty cleaner ($20k-$47k per year)

– Retail associate ($24k-$46k per year)

– Casino pit floorperson ($29 per hour)

– Housekeeper ($15-$18 per hour)

– Utility helper ($15-$16 per hour)

– Front desk representative ($24k-$46k per year)

– Showroom host ($64k-$65k per year)

– Nightlife door host ($22 per hour)

– Hotel front desk agent ($17 per hour)

– Casino cleaner ($18k-$47k per year)

– Midway game operator ($14 per hour)

– Casino dealer ($25 per hour)

– Food and beverage supervisor ($25k-$61k per year)

– Clerk ($18k-$52k per year)

– Retail associate ($24k-$46k per year)

– … and many more

Note: the salaries displayed above are Glassdoor estimates.

The company’s history stretches way back to 1937 when Caesars Entertainment jumpstarted its humble beginnings in Reno, Nevada. This was the year when Bill Harrah launched Harrah’s Bingo Club, which was quite a modest establishment compared to what can be expected of the operator today. Over time, it has made several acquisitions and expansions, adding an increasing number of new resorts under its wing.

The year 1947 was another noteworthy chapter in the brand’s history. At the time, Flamingo Hotel & Casino became the very first casino on the Las Vegas Strip. By 1973, the company found its way to the New York Stock Exchange and was the first casino company to be listed there. But it was not smooth sailing by any means, as the competition had already started to emerge in 1951. Three big names all had a stake in this industry: Jay Sarno, Donald Carano, and Benny Binion.

In the same year, Horseshoe Casino opened its doors, and the man behind it was none other than Benny Binion. This was a year of innovation during which gambling enthusiasts were introduced to what was regarded as novel concepts at the time:

– Player rewards

– High betting limits

– Limousine Transport for guests

Moving forward to 1963, this was the year when Jack Binion took over as the president of Las Vegas’ Horseshoe Casino. Seven years later, he was the one who hosted the very first World Series of Poker, which would, later on, grow to become the largest and most prestigious poker tournament of all time.

Fast forward to 1973, and Eldorado Hotel Casino Reno, the legacy of Donald Carano, started welcoming its first guests. Ironically, at the time, not all shared a strong belief in work and what it would, later on, turn out to become. Still, he bravely forged his own fate and kept pushing forward despite the setbacks, ultimately shaping the sphere of gambling in northern Nevada and elsewhere. Many attribute his success to his character and core personal values: quality, integrity, and running a family business.

Why does this matter? Today, these names are considered to be the four fathers of gaming, and their legacy lives on under the united expression of Caesars Entertainment. Today, the brand boasts offerings that come in numerous shapes and forms, including first-class destinations and amenities, world-renowned accommodation facilities, and the kind of entertainment that will leave you breathless.

Of course, the most essential aspect of its operations lies in its gaming venues. Inside, you will find the world’s most cutting-edge technology and a diverse assortment of games. Combine the most popular slots titles with the friendliest in-house staff you’ll ever meet, and you’re onto a winning formula. That’s not even mentioning the endless selection of table games, all rewarding your continued loyalty through Caesars Rewards, one of the most lucrative loyalty programs around today.

When you start feeling the weight of your eyelids from all the gambling action, it’s time to call it a night and head on over to one of Caesar’s award-winning resorts. From luxurious spas, gigantic pools, and golf courses stretching for miles on end, these make for a fine place to relax indeed, allowing you to recoup your strengths before you visit the rest of the venues belonging to Caesars Entertainment.

Speaking of which, why not stop by its glamorous shopping malls? Treat yourself to something nice or take a souvenir with you. But be careful not to lose yourself in an endless labyrinth of luxurious boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and stores belonging to the world’s top brands. It’s where the perfect gifts are hidden.

When the spotlight falls on the industry-leading names in entertainment such as Jerry Seinfeld, Christina Aguilera, and Sting, let yourself be taken aback by the unique character they bring to the world. Caesar’s venues never run out of steam from mic nights, theatrical spectacles, and rock and roll concerts.

At the same time, numerous meeting and conference rooms are available for rent, housing some of the most prestigious and widely acclaimed industry events. With its two million square feet of space, it’s impossible to feel cramped inside the pillarless ballrooms.

Would you like to become a part of an entertainment giant that places an insurmountable value on team building, integrity, and guest experience? Then be sure to mark February 24 on your calendar, suit up, and let’s turn a new page in your professional career at the Rio!