Bravo Pawn Systems: Carving a Convenient and Profitable “ Digital Path for Pawnbrokers by INSIGHTS SUCCESS

Many traditional brick-and-mortar stores are facing an uphill battle for becoming online retailers. Bravo Pawn Systems, the leading point-of-sale software for the pawn industry, is helping these shops take that journey by carving out a convenient and profitable omni-commerce strategy for their customers.
Developing pawn systems since 1985, Steve Mack founded Bravo in 2010 and it has grown to be a leader and trendsetter in its niche. With Mack’s reputation in the pawn industry as an innovator, it’s no surprise the company has launched some of the most revolutionary product enhancements in the last 30 years, including the pawn industry’s first two mobile apps – MobilePawn and Shopkeeper.
Steve Mack isn’t the only innovator shepherding st pawnshops into the 21 -century and beyond. In 2016, Mack passed the torch to his daughter Tally Mack, a fifth-generation pawnbroker who now directs the company as CEO. Under her leadership, Bravo completed its first acquisition, has grown the company to 40+ employees, and launched the much-praised customer success and onboarding departments.
Tally’s vision for Bravo is clear: “We strive to bring powerful software to the pawn industry – an industry that continues to need technological innovation.”
Bravo’s Success
So what has made Bravo so successful? Simply put, it’s that Bravo provides a quality, comprehensive product backed by world-class support that only continues to re-up its game.
Bravo is a digital outlet for pawnbrokers to attract and retain customers, evaluate merchandise, sell inventory, and process payments using a combination of in-store point-of-sale software, online eCommmerce marketplaces, and mobile technology.
Bravo’s core offering, its POS software, makes pawnshop operations run smoothly by helping pawnbrokers and their employees determine loan, buy, and sale amounts using pricing and estimating tools backed by extensive data. Bravo also offers complete inventory management, in-depth reporting, and is the only cloud-based pawn software on the market.
Tally has seen immense growth for Bravo’s base software. “In a short time, we have on-boarded 1,000 stores and 8,250 users on our platform. We have also successfully onboarded the biggest pawnshop chains in the US and made headway in the UK by implementing a 115 chain on their own Azure cloud instance.”
On the eCommerce side, Bravo helps pawnbrokers liquidate their inventory fast using Bravo’s omnicommerce system that includes its own proprietary marketplace, plus an integration with eBay, and company-branded websites.
For mobile, Bravo has launched the pawn industry’s only mobile applications – MobilePawn for consumers and Shopkeeper for pawnbrokers. The two apps work both independently and in tandem and offer a host of their own features, including:

  • For MobilePawn: The ability for customers to initiate a loan, make a payment, ask questions, and shop store inventory without ever stepping foot in a pawnshop.

For Shopkeeper: The ability to engage employees, from a sales associate to the shop owner, by allowing them to relocate merchandise, accept offers, and live chat and negotiate with customers in real-time all from their smartphone.
Plus, all of these omni-commerce channels are backed by top-notch customer service.
When looking at the whole picture, it is clear Bravo customers could not be happier with the product. Taylor Packwood of Top Cash Pawn, a former customer of Bravo’s competitor PawnMaster, said, “Technological advancement in the pawn business hasn’t been that big. Bravo has gone above and beyond. A huge leap from any software competitor.” And this sentiment is echoed throughout the customer testimonials prevalent on the Bravo website.
Bravo in the Future
Beyond its present foothold as a leader in the pawn POS arena, Bravo Pawn Systems has set its sights on the future. Abroad, the company continues to expand further into the UK and also Mexico, Canada, Panama and Costa Rica with no plans to slow its spread. It also sees a future where all pawnshops will be fully mobile enabled. To support this, Bravo plans to continue its app development adding coupons and additional engaging features.
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