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Best Tax Software

Preparing for the tax returns is not what many of us expect. However, good tax software makes it much less painful. By choosing the best tax program, each user gets access to the accounts on the best acceptable terms. Among the best tax software are TurboTax, TaxAct,, FreeTaxUSA, Quickbooks, and similar programs.
When people need to provide tax returns, companies from Intuit to H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt offer the best tax software. Still, what’s the best program? The correct answer depends to some extent on the users and their specific needs.
Your situation will determine which version of the 1040 tax form you need to use. Form 1040EZ is the simplest. But you can only use it if you meet certain criteria, such as filing as one person or married and filing a joint application, no claim for dependents, taxable income below $100,000, and not require any income adjustments (such as traditional IRA or 401 (k) contributions, self-employment taxes paid, and child support paid). But anyway, you can always get a quick loan at if you need some money to cover up your annual taxes
The 1040A still requires taxable income below $100,000. It will implement a slightly more complex tax regime as if you have made contributions to retirement accounts and only require certain loans and deductions as well.

Best Contemporary Tax Software Options

Below are the best tax preparation software packages that you are likely to come across. Each offers a version that can be used for free to prepare your federal tax return, with the free version supporting Form 1040EZ. Sometimes they support Form 1040A and usually do not support the full Form 1040. (Even the IRS offers a free tax return online for some taxpayers.)
Most of them offer a range of versions that will not be free of charge. The more expensive versions are best for those with complex situations and people who require tax deductions and self-employed loans, have investment income, have rental properties, and so on.
Most charge additional fees for preparing state tax returns. Some offer the service for free with some affordable products. The list price is for the least expensive proprietary software. Despite some of the nuances that arise when using these tax software, you are offered a number of the best ones.



  • Easy-to-use tax reporting wizard;
  • Updated tax support;
  • DIY and Live Assistant plans.


  • Limited tax support if you don’t pay;
  • Expensive state fees when applying;
  • Most expensive plan overall for the best software.

TurboTax program facilitates getting started by the novice or amateur declarant. The customers are initially offered to determine the position, such as maximizing royalties and credits. The feature serves to decide on which data plan is best for the user. The following program suggests common topics to guide its users during the entire filing process. Such a feature involves express descriptions of complex terms and processes.
TurboTax is the best tax software that suggests several bookkeeping amenities considering importing a PDF file prior to a former tax return. This program allows you to open the next declaration, import forms W-2 and 1099, taking pictures of them.
What’s more, the best software allows its users to register their tax returns with a mobile app. In addition, TurboTax users may try to review CPA or agent declaration before filing and receive extensive real-time advice at an additional cost.
TurboTax gives many tariff plans, and the users of the following program may choose four DIY TurboTax plans or four TurboTax Live plans. Note that fees for the offered plans are payable when applying.



  • Import from the most popular software;
  • Reimbursement for the highest accuracy guarantee;
  • Online or downloadable software.


  • Limited free plan support;
  • No audit support.

TaxAct is the best software that allows importing W-2 forms along with preceding reports from the additional software. Each user is able to manage the online maintenance wizard. Thus, you submit your report by answering questions.
The TaxAct software suggests a portable version of the current software for Mac and PC when you do not need to pay taxes on the Internet.
TaxAct software provides free unlimited support via email,  online chat, or phone. All the plans offered include a maximum refund and a total precision guarantee. TaxAct refunds the cost of the software and pays the difference in the amount of the moderate or highest tax liability and legal fees and fines up to $100,000.


  • Reasonable prices;
  • Low government fees for filing an application;
  • Total accuracy guarantee.


  • Not entirely intuitive interface.

It is the best software that has a convenient interface. Thus, all the users start the usage by entering their situation importing the last year’s tax return. They enter their income and import W-2. Therefore, this program proceeds to find the best deductions. Users can address technical support by phone or by email.
TaxSlayer allows limited access to accountants and professionals who view the tax return. However, this type of software gives a full accuracy guarantee and refunds the users with any federal and state fines and interests.



  • Quality premium features;
  • Affordable price;
  • Organized documentation.


  • Inability to delete an account;
  • Difficulty deleting personal information.

Finding a reliable payment system will reduce stress and enable you to meet your responsibilities on time and avoid litigation. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable tax payment system with minimal costs, then FreeTaxUSA is the best software to do the job. Moreover, you can easily track your tax records and be notified of payments and receipts.
The free version offers you free software to help you meet your tax responsibilities easily. You pay nothing at all other than the $12.95 government refund which the organization uses to fund itself.



  • Cloud Support;
  • Easy to use;
  • Advanced functions provided;
  • 650+ integrations;
  • Hig-grade support;
  • Convenient mobile app;
  • Installed lending.


  • High pricing;
  • Optionally intuitive.

QuickBooks offers robust reporting, customizable invoices, inventory capabilities, multiple currencies, and over 650 integrations. There is a separate QuickBooks Capital lending platform and the QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping add-on, which you can use to outsource your accounting tasks to an accountant.
QuickBooks Online offers several options not found in the traditional QuickBooks Desktop (automatic sales receipts, split transactions, scheduled invoices, location, and class categories). Many customers feel that the portability of QuickBooks Online fully justifies the upgrade. Despite minor navigation difficulties, this software is still easy to learn and use.