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Baidu, the Chinese search giant, to Create ChatGPT-style Bot

Baidu Inc. is going to launch an artificial intelligence chatbot service similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, potentially becoming China’s most prominent entry in a race sparked by the tech boom.

According to sources, China’s top search engine provider aims to launch a ChatGPT-style programme in March, initially integrating it inside its major search services.

The unnamed programme will provide users with conversation-style search results similar to OpenAI’s popular platform.

Following the story, the company’s stock surged as high as 5.8%, the greatest intraday gain in nearly four weeks.

Baidu has spent billions of dollars on artificial intelligence research in a multi-year effort to migrate from online marketing to deeper technologies. According to sources, their Ernie system — a large-scale machine-learning model that has been trained on data over multiple years — will serve as the foundation for its next ChatGPT-like application.

Since its public debut in November, ChatGPT, OpenAI’s artificial intelligence application, has lit up the internet, amassing over a million users in days and sparking a debate about the role of AI in schools, offices, and homes. Companies such as Microsoft Corp. are investing billions of dollars to attempt to build real-world applications, while others are using the hype to raise funding. Buzzfeed Inc.’s stock nearly doubled this month after the company announced intentions to include ChatGPT in its programming.

Much of China’s internet is controlled by Baidu, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., Tencent Holdings Ltd., and ByteDance Ltd. The search company has been attempting to resurrect growth in the mobile era after falling behind its larger competitors in areas like as mobile advertising, video, and social media. Aside from AI research, Google is now working on autonomous driving technology.

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