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Avoiding Bail Bond Fraud Scams is Essential – The Crucial Things to Keep in Mind

You will see several updates about bail bond scams when you read the news. It is an eye-opener for many who wish to choose bail bonds for a dear one who got arrested.

All the scammers prey on individuals who require bail bond help. As a result, many people are considering whether they are joining hands with a legit bail bond service or not. To know more about this, you can check out felony bonds in CT. This article will focus on a few pointers that will enable you to steer clear of bail bond scams.

The issuing of the bond

It would help if you found out who is issuing your bail bond. There are specific fraud cases where people pose as police officers. The truth is that no police officer issues bail bonds. When dealing with a bail bond, you must connect with a judge, who creates the bond based on the crime committed.

The role of police officers is only with the arrest. The bond is issued between the bondsman, you, and the judge. The moment the bail gets set, someone gets in touch with the bondsman. They will get connected with the individual who is paying for the bond. And if that person is you, they will connect with you at the jail. The necessary forms will be signed concerning the bond circumstances and contract.

When does the bond gets issued?

There are places where the bond amounts will get set during the booking and arrest. Several countries come with a free schedule for multiple criminal offenses. All these schedules are based on the crime and specific arrest criteria.

When the criteria get fulfilled, there is a fee attached to it. It enables the court system by reducing the need for bigger dockets of people that the judge should see. It also allows in bringing down the time a person needs to stay in jail.

The moment the bond gets issued for the crime, you will get alerted at the time of the booking process. The bondsmen possess the arrest records and can have the necessary details. They will look at the crime and let you know the bail amount. Hence, you can make the first phone call to a dear one to manage the bail bond process.

The signing of the bond

It is possible to sign the bail bond at the jail. At times, relatives and dear one signs it at the bail bond office. Here you will have to get connected with a bail bondsman and get the formalities done. Remember that no bail bond agent will arrive at your house. There have been a few fraud cases where people who posed as bail bond agents arrived at the person’s house, even before a person had asked for help. Also, once you get connected with a reputed bail bondsman, you will realize that the bail bond signing will follow a specific process and needs correct documentation. If you see otherwise, you should treat it as a red flag.