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Amazon Eyeing the Japanese Prescription Market, Nikkei Reports

Japanese organization Nikkei has reported that Amazon is considering entering the Japanese prescription medicine sales market with ambitions to establish a service there next year.

Following the announcement of its intended acquisition of primary care business One Medical for $3.9 billion, the plans would indicate that the US-based online retail giant is looking to further increase its healthcare capabilities.

According to a report, customers in Japan will utilize company service to obtain prescriptions delivered rather than visiting a drugstore. The source said that the company would not run its own pharmacies or maintain its own inventories. Utilizing its distribution network, the company would partner with small- and medium-sized pharmacies in Japan to deliver medications to consumers’ homes.

Amazon is already a player in the industry of online pharmacies. The business bought PillPack, a startup, in 2018, and transformed it into its Amazon Pharmacy division.

The Company may have a chance to expand in Japan. According to Nikkei, there were 60,000 pharmacies selling prescription medications in Japan as of 2020, an increase of 10% over the previous ten years.

Tokyo-based Amazon’s Japan division declined to respond to Nikkei.

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