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Airplane Accidents

Plane accidents rarely happen, especially with today’s advanced technology. However, they still occur no matter what precautions we take and the measures we mandate. Once you happen to lose someone due to a plane accident, you will want answers.
Is there something I can do? Should someone be responsible for the accident? Will my family get any compensation for what has happened? Can someone give us a hand in getting what we deserve? We will get into the world of airplane accidents and answer these questions.

Defining An Airplane Accident

An airplane accident is an occurrence where an unforeseen factor happens to an aircraft. Aircraft accidents are catastrophic, and that does not mean well for passengers inside the plane. Plus, there are determinants that contribute to an airplane accident. Check them out below.

  • Pilot error

Pilots manage the plane, set its course, and deal with any issues. But no matter their training, pilots can still make errors. A pilot error refers to an action or decision – or failure to act or decide – which leads to an accident. Pilot errors include fatigue, lack of experience, intoxication, and so on.

  • Equipment failure

Aircraft require maintenance. Without it, there will be equipment failure. Once a component in the plane fails to operate, it might lead to other parts malfunctioning.

  • Weather

Weather plays a huge role in an airplane. But air travel gets riskier once the weather goes haywire. Fog, snow, storms, and other natural elements can cause damage to any aircraft. That is why flight delays happen during bad weather.

  • Human error

Individuals on the ground, including flight monitors, air traffic controllers, to the ground crew, play a part. But sometimes, they make mistakes as well. Such actions result in human error.

  • Bird strikes

Birds striking an aircraft are slim, but they still happen. The poor thing might end up hitting a plane’s engine, causing it to fail.

  • Sabotage

Sabotage means there is a goal to take down the plane on purpose. Sabotage can take on many forms. These include hostage-taking, plane shooting, hijacking, bombing, and so on.

The Types Of Airplane Accidents

Aviation incidents can take on numerous forms. The following is the list of common aircraft accidents.

  • Commercial flight incidents

Commercial flight accidents tend to be complicated. Plus, there are a plethora of factors that affect it. The number of passengers, the type of plane, and other determinants can cause a flight accident.

  • General aircraft accident

General aircraft includes planes you utilize for various reasons. Reasons include recreational flight, business concerns, and so much more. These planes are usually privately owned. Thus, they lack updates and new equipment to keep them flying smoothly.

  • Helicopter crashes

There are instances where helicopters crash during flight. Lack of maintenance, poor flight skills, and unpredictable weather contribute to such an accident.

Plane Accident Severity Levels

The International Civil Aviation Organization is responsible for classifying the severity levels of a plane accident.

  • Catastrophic

A catastrophic accident means the aircraft is at a loss. Such an incident is responsible for multiple fatalities.

  • Hazardous

A flight accident will fall under the hazardous category if the plane has tons of damage and severe injuries to passengers.

  • Major

A plane accident is considered major if the aircraft has severe damage but minor injuries to its passengers.

  • Minor

Minor airplane accidents involve less damage to the aircraft and slight injuries to the people on board.

  • Negligible

A plane accident can also become negligible. However, that is only the case if there is no damage to the aircraft. Plus, the people on board only feel discomfort.

What You Can Do

Perhaps you have lost someone due to a plane crash. Once that happens, you can contact a local airplane accident attorney who can assist you. Here’s how:

  • Liability

A plane attorney can help find who is responsible for the accident. They will perform numerous tasks to get the job done, including interviewing engineers, seeking evidence, and so much more.

  • Legal assistance

An airplane accident attorney will also let you know what you can do in terms of legal issues. They will also educate you about your rights. All of this knowledge is crucial when the time comes.

  • Time limit

There is a specific time limit to file for an aircraft accident claim. An attorney can assist you with filing one.

  • Compensation

A plane accident attorney will do all they can to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

  • Court representation

A plane accident attorney will also go to court with you once a case follows. They will stay by your side until a break in the issue happens.
As A Conclusion
An airplane accident is a serious matter. So you need to know all you can once it happens to you or someone you know. An aircraft accident attorney can lend you a hand to receive compensation.
Plus, you can head online to find out what you need to know in a plane accident case.