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9 Reasons To Hire React.js Developers For Your Next Project

React.js is an efficient, declarative, and scalable open-source JavaScript library for creating simple/complex and fast web application interfaces. Since its launch, it has captured the front-end development market. The latest Stack Overflow survey also found that React is the most popular library, while Angular ranks ninth on the same list. And that’s the reason why companies worldwide are looking to hire react.js developers.
Today, more than 220,000 live websites use React. If we talk about big firms like Apple, Uber, Netflix, etc have hired React.js developers for their software solutions. As most of the companies are hiring React.js developers, including some top companies around the globe, they must offer some extra benefits.
The question is… What are the key benefits of hiring React.js developers that have encouraged so many companies and well-known brands to do it?

Benefits Of Hiring React.js Developers For Web Development

React developers offer many benefits. Let’s take a look at the key benefits of hiring React.js developers to understand why they differ from other developers and why React.js is best for front-end development.
Basically, React developers allow the usage of individual parts of the application on both the client and server side, ultimately increasing the speed of the development process. Different React developers can write individual parts and can make any changes to the application logic.
Compared to other front-end developers, React developers write easier codes to maintain flexibility thanks to their modular approach. This flexibility, in turn, saves companies an enormous amount of time and money.
React.js is designed to provide high performance. Therefore, React.js developers can utilize the main components of the library that offers a DOM program and server-side rendering, to develop and launch complex applications easily and extremely fast.
Mobile Application Development
If you thought React developers are only good at web development, you couldn’t be more wrong! Facebook has already updated the framework for developing native mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.
Now that you know the key benefits of hiring a React.js developer, let’s move on and also look at the top reasons why you should hire React.js developers for your next project.

9 Reasons To Hire React.js Developer For Your Project

If you thought to hire React.js developers but are not sure about the use case of their skills, this post will help you. Here are the top seven reasons why hiring React.js developers may be the best decision for your project.
1. Implementation
React is much easier to implement compared to other popular libraries like Node.js and Vue. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why React developers have gained such popularity and are in high demand among the tech companies.  They help companies build their projects quickly. As you can see, the more difficult it is to hire a dedicated React.js developer, the longer it takes to start the development process. However, because React is a simple framework that is easy to implement, it is more likely to be used by companies and large brands.
2. Build rich user interfaces
Today, the quality of an application’s user interface is very important. If the user interface is poorly designed,  it reduces the chances of an application being successful. However, if an application has a high-quality user interface, there are more chances that its users will enjoy using the application.
Therefore, extensive user interfaces must be created for an application to survive and thrive. The good news is that React developers are proficient in using declarative components to create rich and high-quality user interfaces, which brings us to the next point.
3. They write user-defined components
React.js developers ship with JSX, an optional syntax extension that allows them to write their components. These components generally accept HTML citations and also make rendering all subcomponents a pleasant experience for developers. While there has been much debate about JSX, custom components have been written, high-volume applications have been created, and  HTML mockups have been converted to ReactElement trees.
4. They offer a productive development
Frequent updates are often a headache when an application has complex logic and when a single change in one component can drastically affect other components.
To tackle this issue, React developers with the component’s reuse feature can reuse the same digital objects again.
The process is easy too! For example, developers can start by adding simple components like buttons, text boxes, and checkboxes, then move them to wrapper components that eventually move to the root component. This approach provides efficient code growth and maintenance because each component in React allows React developers to have their internal logic that is easy to manipulate, making application development more productive.
5. Provides fast rendering
When creating a complex application with heavy use, it is mandatory for developers to define the application structure at the beginning as it may affect the performance of your application. In simple terms, the DOM model is structured like a tree. Therefore, a small change at a higher level can have a significant impact on the user interface of an application. To solve this, Facebook introduced a virtual DOM function.
Virtual DOM is the virtual representation of the DOM that allows the virtual DOM to calculate the risks of each change made by the developers. Therefore, this approach helps maintain high application performance and ensures a better user experience.
6. SEO-friendly development
Search engine optimization is the gateway to success for all online businesses. The shorter the page load time and the faster the rendering speed, the better an application ranks in Google. Thanks to fast rendering, React significantly reduces page load time compared to other frameworks, helping businesses rank first on the  Google search engine results page.
7. Strong developer community
Like Angular developers, React developers have strong community support, which could also be a reason to hire React.js developers for your project. Many individual React developers join the community every day to make React a better and easy front-end framework. React.js is currently leading with 136,079 stars on Github and 1,331 frequent contributors.
Apart from that, React experts also regularly answer questions about QA sites like Stack Overflow and Quora. So if you get confused about why to hire React developers and how to use React, you can always get reliable solutions from experts.
8. They write stable codes
React developers follow the downward flow of data to ensure that the parent structure is not affected by changes to its child structure. So when they make changes to an object, they just need to change its state and make the corresponding changes. This data flow and structure results in better code stability and smooth application performance.
9. Hired by many fortune 500 companies
Check out some inspiring examples of companies that hired React developers for their projects. Many companies, including some of the Fortune 500, have hired React.js for their websites and mobile apps. Tesla, Tencent QQ, Airbnb, and Walmart are among the top brands that have developed their mobile applications using React Native with React.js.
The point is, with so many successful  Fortune 500 companies, it created many job opportunities like freelance react jobs as well as full-time roles, but top companies mostly consider hiring full-time React.js developers for front-end, web, and mobile app development.
That finally brings us to the conclusion of why React.js is a great UI framework. Like Angular, React is a high-quality library and deserves your attention. So what are you waiting for? Hire a React.js Developer to start building a successful React.js application.