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6 Reasons You Aren’t Winning Football Bets

Are you losing money on football bets? If so, don’t worry; there’s a reason for it. From the outside looking in, betting on sports looks easy: pick a team and hope they win. But without proper analysis of teams, players, and current market conditions, you could end up adrift in an ocean of unnecessary losses. In this blog post, we will discuss six common reasons bettors may be unable to gain consistent profits when wagering on football matches; everything from failing to consider statistics to not adjusting strategies as the season progresses will be discussed. Keep reading if you want to start winning more often with your footy picks! 

Using the Wrong Site or App

The first reason on this list why you might not be winning football bets is that you might be using the wrong website or app. When it comes to football betting, the industry is massive, and with that come many platforms that want in on the money.

However, not all sites offer the same odds, and not all areas pay out well. More importantly, some sites or apps might only suggest a few matches, limiting your chances of making good bets that will pay out. All in all, using a certified betting site with competitive odds and few fees is your best bet (no pun intended) for succeeding. 

Only Betting on One Site

The following reason on this list as to why you aren’t winning many football bets is that you might only be betting on one site or app. It is a mistake many new to football betting make since you would assume that all locations offer the same odds for the exact matches.

However, as mentioned above, this is unfortunately not the case. The site you visit will determine the odds listed, and some areas might not offer the best odds. If you don’t shop around for the best odds, you are limiting the amount of money you can make and making the wrong bets.

Believing in Biases

Of all the reasons you could be making bad bets or not winning as many chances as you would like, believing in biases might be one of the biggest reasons. As humans, it is natural to have preferences since this is what shapes our personalities. However, when it comes to football betting, there is no place for tastes.

One bias, for example, might be thinking that the home team has an advantage because some statistic you read somewhere said that home teams win more often. While this is good to know, you still need to research before making any bets since this isn’t always the case.

Not Doing Research

Another significant reason your bets aren’t as successful as you might like could be that you aren’t doing the research before making a bet, or at least not doing enough research. Yes, not all your chances will be successful, even if you research, but at least you are making an educated bet.

For example, you need to determine how often the team you are betting on wins while identifying the caliber of teams they have played or won against till now. If the prominent team members have any injuries, and even possibly what emotional drama is unfurling in the team members’ lives. Any bit of information that could change the result of the match needs to be learned before making a bet.

Not Taking Advantage of Bonuses

Not every reason you lose bets is due to research or the sport itself. It could be as simple as not taking advantage of bonuses when available. Most sports betting sites or online casinos now offer bonuses to new players.

In sports betting, these bonuses usually take the form of free bets. Instead of wasting the free bets by betting on random teams, use this time to train. Do research, create a list of research criteria and a scoring table, and use the free bets to test if your analysis methods are suitable.

Not Budgeting

Finally, the last reason on this list as to why you might be losing more bets than you are winning is that you aren’t budgeting effectively. For example, if you are blowing through your budget and then chasing losses by betting on underdogs to make up for money lost, therein lies the problem.

By having a budget, you will naturally be more cautious about your bets since you will be more careful about spending money. This result will, in turn, cause you to make fewer bad bets.

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