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6 Reasons Why Marketing Automation is a Must-Have for Your Business

Think about running a small, local business. You’ve got a product or service, and you want to sell it. You open a small office, set up a store display or website, and start advertising in the local paper and online. The sales begin trickling in. You’re doing good business, and you’ve got a steady flow of customers.

Although you probably get quite a few orders every week, you manage everything yourself. You’re the salesperson and bookkeeper, the customer service rep, and the CEO. You also cut on costs by creating a digital marketing internship program in your company. Now, let’s scale that up a bit. You’re still managing everything yourself, but now you receive hundreds or even thousands of orders.

In that scenario, keeping track of your marketing tasks is next to impossible. And so, marketing automation becomes a necessity. With it, you can streamline and automate most of your tasks, from email marketing to analytics reporting.

The advantages of marketing automation are huge, and below, you’ll find the top five reasons you should consider using marketing automation for your business.

Saving Time and Money

It’s no secret that marketing automation can help you free up time, but few people realize just how much of a difference it can make. If you’re still managing your marketing tasks manually, handling each task and processing every order can take hours. Consider the amount of time spent sending out emails or analyzing data from analytics tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights. It adds up quickly!

When you use marketing automation software, most of those tasks are taken care of for you. Instead of spending an hour on email blasts every week, now all it takes is a few minutes to set everything up in advance — and the system will handle the rest.

With automated reporting tools at your disposal, gathering information and preparing reports will take the same amount of time whether you have a dozen customers or hundreds. Much like event planning software is essential for organizing a huge conference, marketing automation is a crucial investment for growing businesses.

Personalizing the Customer Experience

The customer experience is everything in business. With marketing automation, it’s easier than ever to create a personalized experience for every client who approaches you. You can use your order database to track the customer’s journey, taking note of their preferences and purchase history.

Using this information, you can create targeted email campaigns or personalized marketing offers that appeal to each customer’s individual needs. Automation tools even allow you to create automated messages for specific customers. For example, suppose a customer abandons their shopping cart on your website. In that case, they may receive an automatic email asking them why they didn’t make the purchase and whether there was anything you could do to improve the situation.

Improving Customer Retention and Loyalty

Sometimes, the customer you’ve worked so hard to get feels neglected after the sale. With intent trackers, you can study the customer’s journey and note the points at which they interact with you, as well as their level of engagement. With this information at hand, it’s easier to gauge customer interest and create campaigns to keep customers engaged long after the initial purchase.

Maybe there’s something you can do to remind customers that they are important to you. For example, if a customer buys an item from your store, you could send them a thank-you email or include personalized coupons with their next order. One thing is sure — with automation software, you can do much more than on your own in this regard.

Increasing Productivity

When was the last time you had to wait for hours for something you wanted to happen? It can be very frustrating. The same applies to customers who are made to wait for a reply from you or have their orders delayed due to a lack of workforce in your company.

With marketing automation tools at your disposal, you can speed up many tasks, from processing orders to sending out emails. The faster you can respond and process customer requests, the more business you’ll do — it’s that simple.

Enhancing Customer Communication

With the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, you can now use AI-powered chatbots to interact with customers while they’re on your website or app. These chatbots can engage potential customers, answer their questions, and help them make purchases without the need for a human salesperson.

While this doesn’t sound like anything new or especially beneficial, a chatbot can improve customer communication by providing instant, personalized service to every website visitor. Chatbots are especially helpful for online stores or businesses that receive a lot of web traffic but don’t have the human resources to manage customer queries manually.

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Finally, we need to address upselling and cross-selling potential of marketing automation. While it may not sound like something to leave for automated tools to do, it really works. Having a complete view of a customer’s purchase history and your inventory can help you suggest complementary items that a customer is likely to buy.

For example, if you sell products on your website, the system can recognize when a customer has viewed an item but not purchased it. Then it can send them recommendations for similar items or additional accessories they might need. This way of marketing helps customers find new products they’re interested in while increasing sales volume, meaning more revenue for your business.

To Sum Up

There are plenty of reasons why marketing automation is a must-have for any business, from the most prominent ecommerce sites to small local businesses. Automation tools can make managing your company’s tasks and processes more accessible, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business — like creating high-quality products or providing excellent customer service. Besides, they may improve the way you interact with your customers, bringing your customer relationship to a whole new level.

So, when you’re ready to upgrade your business and increase sales, consider using marketing automation tools. With these at your disposal, improving customer communication, boosting productivity, and generating more revenue will be a breeze!