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6 Critical Reasons Beginner Programmers Should Learn JavaScript in 2021

Everyone wants to hire javascript developers these days, and it’s not surprising. Overall there are more than 1.8 billion websites out there, and 95% of them use JavaScript. So if you were thinking about becoming a JavaScript developer, it’s certainly a great idea.
But why choose JavaScript over other programming languages, and what are some reasons to learn it in 2021?
Don’t worry; we’ll explain it all. But before we do, let’s go through some basic definitions.
What is JavaScript? 
JavaScript, also known as JS, is an object-oriented, high-level, multi-paradigm programming language with a curly-bracket syntax. But this was a little too technical; let’s switch to the human language now.
If you want your website or web application to be a little more fun and interactive, you have to use JavaScript. Otherwise, with HTML and CSS, you can’t get too far. So if you want your page to be full of animations, interactive maps, and other cool stuff, JavaScript is a must.
Now, let’s get into:
6 reasons to learn JavaScript 
1) You’ll never be out of a job 
As we’ve mentioned, JavaScript is pretty popular, so if you know the language well enough, finding a job will be a pretty easy task. Moreover, even if you decide to continue your career with a different programming language, that’s not a problem. JavaScript is always coming in handy.
In fact, you could even pursue a full-stack developer career if you mix your knowledge of JavaScript with a popular backend language.
And if you still don’t trust us, here are some statistics: in 2019, 72% of companies were looking at 6 Critical Reasons Beginner Programmers Should Learn JavaScript in 2021 for JavaScript developers. And that number has only grown by now.
The best part is that the salary for JavaScript developers is pretty high. On average, you can expect to earn about $112k per year.
2) It’s a versatile language 
If you know Spanish, the chances are you’ll learn Italian pretty quickly. Or French, or in fact, any other Latin-based language. The same way JavaScript is like a lingua franca in the programming world.
In other words, if you learn how to code with JavaScript, you’ll have an easy time understanding most of the programming languages because the principles are pretty similar.
But more importantly, you can use JavaScript pretty much everywhere, and there are hardly any limitations. It allows you to explore your creativity in different ways, which most programming languages would not allow. For instance, R is best used for data visualizations and statistics, while Swift works only for iOS. Instead, JavaScript does not put many limitations; you are free to find where your curiosity leads you.
3) No installation problems 
We know how hard it can sometimes be to start learning a new programming language because the installation process on its own is a headache.
Luckily enough, with JavaScript, it’s not the same. It comes pre-installed in your browser, and all you need to access it is a computer with an internet browser. So even if you don’t tend to learn it, you could still play around with the platform and see how it works.
4) It’s full of shortcuts 
Coding can get boring at times: there are too many repetitions, and it seems to take too much time. So using a shortcut is always a good idea.
If you’re also one of those who can’t go on without the shortcuts, then JavaScript is the perfect choice for you. It is full of shortcuts that make your life much easier.
However, it does not mean you do not need to learn the basics of JavaScript development properly. Don’t start using shortcuts too soon: first make sure you understand how JavaScript functions without them, and only then try the shortcuts for quicker functionality.
5) There are many resources 
It’s impossible to have a question about anything regarding JavaScript and not find an answer. There is a huge online and offline community of JavaScript developers who support each other and give answers to all of the questions.
Moreover, there are hundreds of YouTube tutorials or other videos that provide an extensive insight into JavaScript and help you learn it effortlessly.
6) It’s a great start
Finally, if you’re new to the programming world, JavaScript is a perfect place to start your journey. It makes learning other coding languages easier, and, in general, it makes the entire process fun.
So, what are you waiting for? Find your favorite JavaScript course and start learning right away! No excuses accepted: you certainly have a web browser, don’t you? Then there’s nothing more you need!