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5 Ways to Boost Your Customer Service Strategy

Your customers are the backbone of your business. They are the ones with the final say on the success of your product. Therefore, ensuring that you are meeting their needs and doing your best to solve their pain points is essential. More importantly, you need to implement a customer service strategy that makes it easy for them to communicate complaints and issues and for you to resolve them quickly.

According to a report from Zendesk, 81% of consumers say a positive customer service experience increases their chances of making another purchase. But how do you get customers to keep coming back? Here are a few tips to help you boost your customer service strategy.

5 Ways to Boost your Customer Service Strategy

Improving the quality of your customer service is not a cut-and-dried process. There are several ways to approach it, but some of the tips below should get you started:

1. Implement an Omnichannel Strategy for Customers to Contact You

The first step in improving your customer service is to make it as easy as possible for your customers to reach you. There are many types of communication media available. Options like emails, social media, chatbots, live calls, etc., provide various channels for your customers to reach you. It is important not to overstretch yourself by covering all the tracks. But you need to determine the channels your customers prefer and make that available to them.

2. Use Multi-language Solutions

Unless you sell a product or service specifically targeted toward people who speak a specific language, it is safe to assume that your customers do not all speak the same vocabulary. Implementing a multi-language compliant solution allows your customers to leave feedback in their language, which is a great way to make them feel included in your brand. With a translation service like Unbabel, your customer service team can quickly decipher feedback and resolve issues.

3. Optimize Your Processes with Software

The speed at which you resolve complaints and issues is one of the most significant indicators of an efficient customer service strategy. By implementing software that can help you streamline manual processes, such as aggregating feedback from different channels, calculating trends, etc., you reduce the time to resolve individual complaints. Your customer service team can focus on fixing problems and leave the tedious tasks to software.

4. Invest in Training for Your Employees

Many consumers still prefer to talk to an actual human being when contacting customer service, so you must train your employees to handle customer complaints. Encourage them to develop attributes such as empathy and asking the right questions. Also, teach them to use all the software in your customer service tech stack. This will reduce the time spent figuring out how to use these tools, and they can focus on fixing the customer’s complaints.

5. Use a Unified Messaging System

A Unified Messaging System (UMS) combines several forms of electronic messaging (email, SMS, fax, voicemail, etc.) into one dashboard. With a UMS, you can receive other forms of electronic messages from your customers in one single dashboard. At the same time, your customers can easily choose between the different options, using the one they are most comfortable with.

Keeping Your Customers Happy with Improved Customer Service

Customer service begins when your customers visit your website or enter your store. Therefore, you must ensure that every interaction is tailored to solve their problems. Most importantly, you must make it extremely easy for them to communicate their feedback, regardless of location, language, or another demographic. A well-served customer is a happy customer, and satisfied customers come back. So start making your customers return with the above tips for better customer service.

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