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5 Non-Negotiables You Need For Your Start-Up  

So, you want to quit corporate life and start fresh as an entrepreneur. The bad news is, so does everybody else. However, the good news is that most other people don’t have what it takes.  

This article outlines the 5 most important things you need for a start-up to really make it stick. If you have these things at the ready, you might as well get ready to deep dive into your new career as a business owner. Good luck!  


Getting this one out of the way is important – unfortunately, having a brilliant idea and the mind of Elon Musk isn’t going to get you very far if you don’t have the capital to make it happen.   

Any type of new business is going to have start-up costs, whether this involves buying supplies and resources, legal feels, performing market research, purchasing software and even office or warehouse space depending on the nature of your business. Fortunately, Ozark Bank is ready to help your business grow with small business loans, so this is a box you could tick fairly easily.   

A Winning Idea  

Becoming an entrepreneur for the sake of becoming an entrepreneur is a disaster waiting to happen. Quitting your job to start your own business is admirable and exciting if that decision comes from passion.  

Being passionate about your business idea is a crucial factor in whether or not it will be successful. If you don’t really care about what it is you’re doing, you’re unlikely to feel any more of a pull to do it than you felt about your regular 9-5 job.   

A winning idea is one that comes from the heart, but also one that comes alongside hours of research, planning and strategizing.  

The Perfect Plan  

Your business plan is what’s going to give you the go-ahead or a big, disappointing thumbs down when you’re applying for loans and getting things organised to register your business.   

Making sure that you have everything planned (and well-thought-out) is important if you want this thing to work. Think business name, business model, marketing strategy, market research you’ve done, and even smaller details like location, the name of your business, your target audience, etc.   


Working for yourself requires a level of self-discipline unlike any other. If you think you’re quitting your job so that you’ll be able to spend Thursday mornings by the pool with a mimosa, think again.  

Running a business takes hard work, and without a boss breathing down your neck to get things done, you’ll have to be breathing down your own neck to ensure that everything gets finished, and finished properly.   

A Mentor  

Nobody can go it alone. It’s important that you find someone in the industry that you trust and can look up to, and seek advice from as a mentor on your journey.   

Whether this is a person you know personally with a successful business or a famous entrepreneur who has published books and articles to help you along, find someone to guide you through the process.