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5 Marketing Methods Customers Love

It’s not enough to spend tons of money marketing. You have to market in the right way for your customers to build emotional connections with your brand, make purchases, and sign up for your email newsletters. But different marketing methods induce different results, especially among different target audiences.

Today, let’s take a look at five marketing methods customers universally love. Implementing these marketing methods could result in major revenue increases, better conversion rates, and other improvements.

Social Media Marketing

The majority of customers love social media marketing, and for a good reason. It feels organic, and it provides customers with an easy way to ask questions or announce complaints to digital and retail brands alike.

But social media marketing is advantageous for a variety of reasons. You can use it to announce special product offers, discounts, brand updates, and much more. Your customer service team can also stay active on social media to answer the above-mentioned customer questions or complaints.

However, your social media marketing will only be effective if you have a skilled social media manager running things. Have them post consistently, be personable, and be as responsive as possible, so your customers flock to your social media pages whenever they have a concern.

Candid Videos

These days, authenticity and substance are much more important than flash or flair. With that in mind, you should try to create candid videos as one of your new marketing methods. Candid videos are things like:

  • A video walk-through of your store or office, giving customers a behind-the-scenes look at how you run your business
  • Candid interviews with your employees or officers, especially if you have an important message to announce
  • Candid videos showing your employees and teammates having fun or fooling around humanize your brand more than any other marketing

You can post candid video marketing content on your social media page (this is the best by far) or on your company website.

Testimonial Videos

But customers also love testimonial videos. These are authentic, candid-feeling videos of current or past customers telling the camera exactly how much they love your brand, what you did well, or other positive elements.

You can and should post testimonial videos on your website’s dedicated review or testimonials page. But you should also post these on your social media pages. The more testimonial videos you can put out, the better; they serve as positive reviews for your company. That’s doubly important these days since most online shoppers won’t purchase something from a new brand if it doesn’t have a good online reputation.

You can also invite your customers to make testimonial videos of their own, further driving customer engagement and loyalty to your company.

Personalized Texts

Personalized texts are also highly appreciated. Many customers love getting SMS messages. On some level, text messages feel more urgent and interesting compared to emails, which are more often than not disregarded or ignored (especially since many customers consider branded emails to be little more than spam).

But personalized texts are different. For one, they are usually seen and opened more frequently than emails. For another, they can be personalized to the same degree as emails in many cases.

A mass texting service like TextSanity could be just what you need to make your personalized texts stick out in the minds of your consumers. A good mass texting service can personalize your emails by:

  • Including appointment details, like the date and time, if the SMS messages are meant to remind patients about appointments
  • Including the recipients’ first and last names
  • Including the recipients’ last purchases based on your store records and more

You can use personalized or mass texts to wish your customers happy birthdays, to announce product offers, and to send out emergency alerts if necessary. Use a mass texting service to enjoy greater marketing versatility and flexibility than ever before.

Loyalty Member Newsletters

Last but not least is loyalty member newsletters. Customers who are members of your loyalty program are some of the most important for your brand, especially in the long term. They’re key to maintaining high customer retention.

To that end, you should market to them with well-crafted, personalized email newsletters. Your loyalty program members are already more likely to open those emails. Make the emails worth their while by including:

  • Special discounts or announcements, like free shipping on orders over $50
  • Personalize elements like their names or preferred products based on their order histories and more

The right loyalty member newsletters will keep your customers engaged with your loyalty program and, in some cases, even drive new customers to join your loyalty program voluntarily.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to market to your customers regardless of your industry or niche. Try combining these marketing methods for even better results and long-term customer satisfaction!