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5 High Paying Jobs in Las Vegas That Allow Tattoos

Tattoos have become even more popular in recent years, but the attitudes towards them are still mixed, and having ink on your body can even impact your chances of getting your dream job. About 40% of employees still think that tattoos aren’t appropriate in the workplace, and this is the same for several bosses and recruiters, so there is little denying the fact that there is some impact on your prospects if you have visible tattoos.

Factors That Might Influence a Tattooed Person’s Employability

Just having a tattoo is not a guaranteed issue. For instance, your tattoo itself might not be visible at any point. If your ink is at the bottom of your back, there is very little chance this will be displayed while at work.

There are other tattoo-related issues that can impact employability. For instance, if the tattoos are offensive, have any potentially offensive messaging, or are divisive or associated with gangs, for example. This is rare among the general population as most want to get a tattoo of something we’re passionate about.

What High-Paying Jobs in Las Vegas That Allow Tattoos and Piercings

There are some incredible Las Vegas tattoo shops, and many people inevitably get inked in the area. There are still a lot of prospects out there for people who want to get inked and still have high-paying jobs that will take care of their families.

Sport Jobs

You have to look at the percentage of athletes and sports people that have visible tattoos to tell that the industry doesn’t care. It’s not easy to break into the industry, but if you can, tattoos will probably not be an issue.

Artistic or Art-Related Jobs

Jobs in the arts tend to be very accepting of your individuality. Working in a music venue or theater or as an artist or designer, it is very unlikely that you’ll find an employer with strict tattoo policies.

IT Jobs

IT is an industry that isn’t particularly customer-facing, so there are plenty of scenarios whereby you can have a tattoo, and nobody will mind or even notice. Of course, if you are self-employed in IT, nobody can tell you what to do in this regard.

Physical Jobs

A lot of physical jobs such as labor and working on building sites can pay pretty well, and it is always in high demand. On top of this, most employers won’t care if you have tattoos.

Customer Service Jobs

There are plenty of customer service jobs in Vegas that you can do when you have tattoos. You can work in some high-end stores and industries that don’t mind if you have tattoos. You have many options, from prepared meal delivery businesses to working in a casino, even if you are inked.

Which Professions Don’t Allow Visible Tattoos in LV?

It comes down to each employer, and some have relaxed their policies. However, there is the potential that a company will have policies that don’t allow any form of visible tattoos as they are seen as distracting or even unprofessional. Many medical businesses won’t let people have tattoos, and working in a bank, or a courtroom could also be impacted.

Why Do Tattoos Matter In Employment?

Tattoos only really matter because of the conceptions people have. Some think they are unprofessional, and some even think they are dirty (this is untrue). Unfortunately, these attitudes still exist, at least for now.

Can Someone Not Hire You in Las Vegas Because of Your Tattoos?

At the moment, yes, employers set their own rules regarding tattoos in the workplace, and as long as they are consistent with them, they can do whatever they want. A lot of the time, people will have issues with visible tattoos, so it doesn’t matter if you have ink that can be hidden on your back or chest. In the future, who knows what protection we may have to express ourselves in the workplace.