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4 Things to Ensure Before You Start Guest Posting for Promoting Your Brand

Blogging is a great way to establish your brand’s online presence. Alongside social media or digital marketing, blogging can help improve the brand’s reach. Besides, it is also more engaging since it offers some value to the readers or visitors. It may be a news story or a feature post, but blogging can help you get those clicks you need from your target group.
Many people turn to guest blogging these days to promote their brands. Instead of posting on their blogs or company blogs, they post on other third-party websites. That is a great way to spread the word about your business, especially from an SEO point of view. However, guest posting for brand promotions is not that easy. It requires a bit of finesse, something without which you cannot achieve your target.
So, without further ado, let us dig into the four most important things to ensure before guest posting. 
#1 Finding the Right Website
For guest posting, the right website will be the one that meets certain criteria.
Firstly, the website should have something to do that is in line with the topic you are writing on. For instance, you can target a fashion blog or magazine website if you are promoting a brand that sells women’s clothes. Secondly, do not guest post on a competitor’s blog. Even if you are not in direct competition, avoid websites that sell the same products or provide the same services as you.
Finally, make sure that the website meets all the criteria of modern-day web design. It can have a minimalist design or an exuberant one. However, it must be responsive. The aesthetics should not overpower the functionality of the website. Thus, the site needs to be user-friendly. After all, you need people to find your blogs easily and read them without any sort of distractions. 
#2 Making Sure It is a Legitimate Website
After finding a website to post on, check if it is a fake or a legitimate site. For that, you need to know how to tell if a website is legit or not. For staying away from malicious websites, always check the domain names. Unlike fake websites, a legitimate site will not have any grammatical errors. Also, look for a secure connection, preferably an SSL certificate. Fake sites usually do not have an SSL certification.
Another easy way to stay safe from a scam website is by going through its reviews. Just Google the name of the scam site and see what pops up. You can even look for the site’s social media pages if you want more assurance about them. 
#3 Check the Website’s Domain Authority
Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score. It helps marketers determine how successful a website is in terms of search engine rankings. A better DA score means your content will surely get more reach and engagement. A low DA score means the website is not that popular yet. It could also mean that the website is a scam or is doing something that it should not.
DA scores between 40 and 50 are average. Scores over 50 and up to 60 are seen as good. Anything above 60 is an excellent DA score. Ideally, you should target a guest website with 60+ scores. However, in case you cannot find that, you can settle for one that has a score of 50 to 60. 
#4 Choosing the Right Topic and Writing the Post
Once you are happy with the website, you can move on to the topic. Initially, you are to pick a site that caters to your target audience. That means you have already taken the first step. Now you will need an engaging topic and title to move forward.
Keep the title short but also interesting. Asking a question using ‘what’ and ‘how’ is a very good way to set up the title. Listicles do well too. However, avoid doing a vague article. Instead, dive into a niche. Choose something very specific and only work on that area. Think of it like you were solving a problem and giving a solution to it. So, make sure you are putting in lots of details without leaving any key information out.
Also, make sure you do not take too long to get to the main point of the blog. Otherwise, your audience will lose interest and click away from the post.

Once you understand all these points, you should be ready to start guest posting.

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