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4 Best Travel Destinations for Winter Holidays

There are so many beautiful cities all around the world that it is hard to pick one to go to. It is easier to eliminate destinations in winter because you have to consider your tolerance to low temperatures before booking flights and accommodation to a place that is known for being freezing cold.

Don’t let the cold intimidate you because cities are beautifully decorated for Christmas, and they offer a lot of wintery activities, like ice skating or playing snowball. Even if you prefer summer holidays, you should try going away in winter at least once in your lifetime in order to see what you’re missing, and the cool things winter holidays have to offer.

Are you ready to discover some ideal winter destinations?

Destination 1: France

France is one of the most popular European destinations all year round. Iconic monuments like the Eiffel Tower, the stunning landscapes of the metropolis and the countryside, the numerous museums, and entertainment venues make it such a beloved destination. For people who are fascinated by the magnificence of nature they can also visit the French Alps, the highest mountain range in Europe, which is located in eight different countries. You can book your ski holidays in one of the many French resorts with Erna Low based on your travelling preferences and your skiing abilities. Even if you haven’t skied or you haven’t tried any winter sport before, there are experienced instructors in all resorts to teaching you everything you need to know.

Destination 2: Australia

If you don’t like winter at all, you can go to Australia. The weather in Australia, which is in the Southern Hemisphere, is the exact opposite of the season in the Northern Hemisphere. This means that in December, which is the first month of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, in Australia is when the summer begins. You don’t have to worry about getting cold or packing heavy. You can enjoy summer in the winter. There’s so much to do during the Australian summer from a Whitsundays sailing holiday among the tropical Whitsunday Islands located between the east coast of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef, or enjoy Sydney while sailing in the harbour around the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House before heading to the famous Manly or Bondi Beach. Just remember to pack sunscreen and swimmers, it will be warm and sunny.

Destination 3: Greece

If you are looking for a place with mild winters, Greece is one of the Mediterranean countries that you should consider visiting. Snowfall is not common in the lowlands, like Athens, the capital, but there are many villages that are at the foothills or on top of mountains, where it always snows. For those who are not afraid of the cold they can go for a swim on one of the many beaches of the coastal areas all over the country or on one of the many islands.

Destination 4: Scotland

We will end this article with one country where the temperatures are pretty low in winter – it shouldn’t come as a surprise as it is located in the northern part of Europe – but it is worth visiting. The beauty of The Scottish Highlands, a region full of tall mountains and Britain’s highest peak, Ben Nevis, the famous Loch Ness lake, and many castles make Scotland an ideal winter destination. There is no better way to understand the magnificence of nature than by gazing into vast and frosty unexploited nature.