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3 Examples of Healthy Food Packaging

Food packaging is an essential matter that helps food to be well-kept and stored. It provides adequate protection on food to make it last for several days, weeks, months, and even years. It is widely used in food factories that aim to deliver adequate food supply to a large mass of customers, especially around the world. The most common food packaging we see in our daily lives is made of plastic, cans, paper, and so many more. All of these may have helped to secure our food.

However, its environmental footprint is disturbing. Its effect on the environment is devastating. That’s why thinking of effective and safer alternatives must be done as early as we can. Aside from that, as the demands of customers can change over time, having alternatives to transform our food packaging into its most sustainable and effective versions is needed. Good thing, there are healthy food packaging that we can use and apply in ourselves, given that we are a food product and service provider. We have here the top three examples of compostable packaging for snacks to include in our next service.

Informative Food Packaging

First, on the list, we have here the informative food packaging. This is the design presented by a well-known designer named Bardo from Australia. It was developed around the ‘simple things done well’ concept for The Empanada Kitchen.

This food packaging is encompassed in the branding, packaging, and naming of frozen food products by utilizing a simple color scheme, clear text, and big images. These are the main reasons why the food product is able to provide its insight effectively. Also, each of the boxes has its own feature that makes it informative. The information is well-written, such as the nutrition chart, manufacturing and expiration date, and others else. This is to ensure that the customers are able to understand every information and use the food accordingly.

Now, for this food product, there is an informative blub about the empanada, its preparation, its manufacturer, as well as its content. Thus, it is like a spine book wherein every side of the frozen empanada features bold texts, spelling out complete information about the product such as if it’s for a vegetarian if it has meat, pork filling, lamb, chicken, or beef. Also, it has a huge focus on the simplicity of the design, making it straight to the point at all times.

Doodled Food Branding

Next, we have the doodled food branding that took second place for being the best example of healthy food packaging. This packaging is mostly best used by Western parents as they are skeptical about the ready-made meals of their children. Also, Just for Kids diminished the packaging and any misgiving of a product, particularly by wrapping it in a healthy, playful, and practical way.

Just like what the Elmwood of England did, they decorated the boxes with amazing and adorable illustrations surrounding the photos of the plates they prepared. Here, we can see that there are illustrations of little monsters, birds, and worms that look like they’ve been drawn onto the tablecloth as a printed image. Another thing, even the brand name appears to be written and colored manually. Of course, this doodle art food packaging isn’t only about getting the approval of the children but also appeasing the parents. Given that, the Just for Kids packaging included their grown-up bit at the right corner of the box, outlining the nutritional features of the product inside.

Now, the best thing about doddle is that it showcases the hidden talents of various doodle artists that need to be shown. In this way, aside from getting recognition and praise, it will also leave them with more opportunities. So, if you are looking for food packaging that can incorporate both sustainability and creativity, then you need to try this doodle food branding. In this way, you can both decrease your environmental footprint while giving more chances to doodle artists to improve their lives.

Organic Super Food Branding

Lastly, we have the organic superfood branding, which used the healthy food packaging of Essential Living Foods to showcase the Organic Premium Superfood product range. This food line includes various food items such as maca powder, mesquite, coconut sugar crystals, and chia seeds, wherein each one is branded in a simple and clear way. This is to ensure that there will be an effective show off of the purity of the mentioned superfoods, as well as highlighting some of the benefits we can gain from it.

Also, there are several food products that can be hard to identify first, especially if it’s packaged in a complicated manner or if the words and terms used are not familiar. Good thing an organic superfood branding can help mend this concern by highlighting the being organic of each product. Here, the branding can be as simple as possible as long as it can make the customer picture out the product easily. In terms of the design, this example of healthy food packaging uses only simple yet concrete designs, making it easy to understand and look for.

Now that we’re aware of the three most famous examples of healthy food packaging, we can now apply and utilize each one in ensuring that our food supply will be kept safe and fresh for a period of time. Best if we have or still planning to have our own brand of healthy food lines.

After all, we are all looking forward to making the world a better and more sustainable place to live in, so transitioning to these kinds of food packaging may help us out effectively. Also, to ensure that every food item we put inside our mouth is safe and fresh, then looking for healthy food products with these kinds of food packaging can help us. In this way, there will be healthier and better individuals that reside in our world.