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2020 Companies: The Premier Brand behind Every Brand

A consumer electronics company wanted to gain insight into why and how it was being outperformed by the competition at home improvement and appliance retailers. The firm that the client chose to identify shortcomings, used its mapping technology to split over 2,800 locations into geographical routes. The firm then mobilized 729 field reps to physically survey the inventory of 119 SKUs. Its team provided pictures and critical insights from locations in 44 states and 1,497 cities, all within twelve days. In less than two weeks, they had compiled over 300,000 retail insight data points that allowed the client to focus on the right products in the right markets. Meet 2020 Companies—a premier nationwide outsourced sales, merchandising and marketing agency that creates memorable sales- and merchandising-focused experiences for its customers.
Delivering Optimum Brand Experience
2020 employs over 10,000 highly-skilled brand execution and consumer engagement experts who specialize in merchandising, sales, training, advocacy, and experiential marketing initiatives.
This pioneering company has over 25 years of experience serving the Consumer Electronics, Personal Audio, Home Appliances, Consumer Packaged Goods, Sporting Goods, Telecom, and Energy industries. It offers a collaborative turnkey solution that engages and activates consumers during the final leg of their purchase journey. Specializing in visual merchandising continuity, project execution, and audit services, 2020 delivers the optimum brand experience wherever the consumer’s journey leads them.
It works with leading manufacturers and brands to develop a custom go-to-market strategy including Consumer Activation Ideation, Sales/Merchandising Territory Design, Retail Coverage Modeling, POS Design and Manufacturing, POS Logistics, and Retail/Competitive Insights.
Utilizing its innovating A5 strategy, 2020 creates the optimum talent solution to activate all brands. Whether they are building interactive gaming displays in Best Buy or designing and staffing pop-up retail locations for the holiday season, 2020 is the perfect partner for every brand and industry.
A Magnetic and Driven Leader
Christopher B. Munday, Chairman and CEO of 2020, grew up in the projects of Kent, England and was a fierce competitor even at an early age. His tenacity and drive, coupled with his charm, make him a magnetic leader. Chris leads the organization by empowering his team and challenging them to increasingly higher levels of achievement. His perfect balance of support in challenging times and uncompromising drive during periods of growth creates a cohesive team environment that drives results.
After joining 2020 Companies in 2008, Chris’s focus included assembling a proven leadership team which included Steve Peters, President, and Steve Zink, CFO,  in an effort to enhance culture, innovation, structural capabilities and client diversification. Over the next 24 months, the team put a plan in motion which would lead the company through a masterfully-executed growth trajectory. Together, they transformed the culture, re-engineered the operation and grew top line revenue and EBITDA by over 3 times.
Together, Everyone Achieves More
2020’s involved leadership is complemented by a world class innovation team. They have built custom business applications using Salesforce to capture each moment of a shopper’s journey; this translates into business insights that will be used to drive future brand initiatives for its partners. Some of these solutions include PULSE, Albert, Amplify360, and Autogen. Over 10,000 remote employees use these apps every day.
Some of the notable features and functions of its innovative solutions include territory management, compliance, scheduling/people logistics, on-demand video training, gathering data (consumer, retail, and competitive), business insights, geolocation services, real time photo gallery, and automated business expense tracking. Where most competitors take days and weeks to drive new initiatives through their team, 2020 Companies uses PULSE to create instantaneous change to schedules and activities.
2020’s solutions follow both consumers’ and employees’ journey across all channels to ensure that the team delivers on the client’s goals while delivering a brand-right customer experience.
Allowing Maximum Activation and Return on Investment
Because 2020 is the “brand behind the brand”, it is relatively unknown in an established industry. However, it has built a best in class back office and has the necessary infrastructure to support and scale large accounts. The company offers a well-balanced line of services across multiple industries and works with some of the largest and most valuable brands in the world.
2020’s guiding principles are collaboration, team work, flexibility, and mutual respect. Each client receives a brand champion and cross-functional project team responsible for discovery through deployment and execution. Using PULSE, 2020 customizes brand engagement to trigger maximum activation and return on investment for each partner.
As one clients says, “I’ve had the pleasure to partner with 2020 Companies for over 3 years, running one of the largest merchandising programs in the country. The overall quality 2020 brings to the table is unlike anything I’ve experienced in my 20 years in retail. They continually bring new and innovative ideas to the table resulting in reduced time to completion and improved client satisfaction.”
Moving Ahead with Innovation
2020 will continue to assist manufactures and retailers through dedicated teams to ensure that retail standards are met for every client. Expect to see 2020 Companies crossing into new industries, expanding services with existing customers, and continuing to impress with innovation.

Contact Information: Christopher B. Munday, Chairman and CEO, 2020 Companies

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